Corey Goode – “The GGLN declaration of independence from the ICC and associated Earth governments”

Universal Forces Editor’s Note: we are sharing the update posted on Corey Goode’s Facebook page on November 3rd, 2021. Corey release an update about the Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN) and the recent report he received on the status of this program and the extremely dramatic changes they have undergone in the last year due to the infiltration of their programs by a group connected to the ICC.

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The Global Galactic League of Nations declaration of independence from the ICC and associated Earth governments

“Secret Space Program Alliance Update” – Copyright of the image by Corey Goode

Within a few days, after I had been on the last of our reconnaissance missions of the Orion Group, I was brought onboard a Mayan craft to attend a “conference call” between The SSP Alliance (not the real name for operational security) liaisons and two representatives who were at one time leaders within the secret program referred to as the Global Galactic League of Nations (not the real program name, for operation security).

The Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN) is a very large program that is made up of participants of most of the countries of the world to some degree. After the Apollo missions to the moon, The US Government had a team of scientists and politicians approach every nation showing them geological proof from the moon that there is a cyclical solar event that would destroy our civilization. They told these nations we were overdue for the next solar event and that if it occurred on that day we could see the extinction of the human race. They then provided a solution. They called the plan the Preservation of Species program and asked every nation to contribute 1% of their gross domestic product to a global galactic league of nations that would create colonies in other star systems to ensure the preservation of humanity. This program was also offered as an incentive for these countries to keep their knowledge of the solar event and our advanced space program colonies a secret.

Gonzales and I were introduced to Raymond (Director of Science and Technology Development) and Anya (Director of Colonial Security), who served with the Global Galactic League of Nations in one of their most remote colony outposts at the edge of our galaxy. Both of the GGLN representatives were caucasian and in their late 50’s or early 60’s and were dressed in dark blue jumpsuits that had all military designation patches removed.

Anya then gave a brief description of the history of the GGLN and the hardships participants went through as they were sent to various star systems to set up colonies in the program’s “Preservation of Species” mandate. They were sent to undeveloped planets to begin developing our cities and infrastructure that mirrored what we see on Earth fairly closely. Over decades of development, the cities and the population grew steadily and were replications of cities you would find on earth.

They further reported that the GGLN was a very successful program and that they had taken the technology that the ICC had given them and developed it out much further. They were on the verge of technological breakthroughs that would have brought humans to a parallel level of development as some of the most advanced ET’s in our Galaxy. The Science and Technology groups from the GGLN were reporting their breakthrough back to their home nations through the ICC communications network when one of the ICC leaders introduced them to a new group of ET’s who they said would assist in the final development of these exciting new technologies.

This new group of ET’s was from one of the Galactic Federations that had been engaged in intergalactic trade with the ICC and advised them in technological development and in diplomatic introductions to hundreds of civilizations who then entered into trade deals with the ICC.

Anya stated that when the first delegation of this Galactic Federation arrived the inhabitants of their particular colony were very excited. The 28 Federation members arrived and were greeted with a festival and given a building complex to move into and work out of. In the Federation delegation, there were 18 females and 10 males who all appeared to be under 35 or 40 years of age and were unusually attractive.

The GGLN began working with these Federation members to develop the promising technologies that they had contacted the ICC about. Anya said that almost immediately this Federation group began to discourage the GGLN from developing these technologies by offering them already developed technologies from their own civilization. The Federation scientists began to share stories of how the use of Artificial Intelligence, A sub-space communications system, and technological implants in their bodies to conquer disease, aging and allow their people to be connected in a way they had never been before. Everyone in their civilization could then connect and work in a virtual reality realm where their people brought their minds together to develop technologies that developed at such an incredible rate that their civilization began making thousand-year leaps in technology in a very short period of time.

The GGLN began to research the technologies that the Federation had suggested and once they felt they understood the technologies they put them into development. While these technologies were being developed and tested the GGLN members become close with the Federation members and eventually the Federation members began physical relationships with men and women from the GGLN colony. Anya herself says she was seduced by the Federation Commander who began to influence her more and more as the relationship continued. She said she found herself making decisions she would never have entertained prior to the arrival of these Federation members and even though she knew it was a problem, she couldn’t help herself.

This went on for nearly a year before the GGLN had fully developed and tested the brain implants and nanites that the Federation helped them develop and began requiring all GGLN colony members to receive the implants that they were told were impossible to remove. This was a huge step for the GGLN because they were aware of the threat of the Orion Group and their AI god but the Federation convinced them that the technology was safe and that the AI god had been blocked from accessing it.

It was around this time that Anya found out that the Federation Commander with whom she had a physical relationship was secretly having relationships with other women in their colony. Being the head of security, she began to monitor the Federation Commander a lot more closely. She used the advanced security system from the colony to tap into the communications between their new Federation friends and their homeworld. She was unsuccessful in the beginning but was finally able to break into the communications system using one of the chips the Federation had given the GGLN as a prototype model to piggyback into their system.

Anya said what she learned sent chills down her spine. She witness a meeting between the Federation Commander and a Tall Grey ET where they were discussing the progress of their mission with the GGLN. The Tall Grey stated that the technologies the humans were developing in this program were a danger to the Orion Group and their agenda and they had to be assimilated into the Empire immediately. Anya was horrified upon learning the Federation’s true agenda and realizing how much she had assisted it by ordering most of her security staff to be implanted. Not only had she influenced her own people to accept the implants, she too had recently had one installed and was going through the period of the device bonding to her neurons and integrating into her thought patterns. This is a process that takes around 90 days to complete and she was halfway through the process.

Anya said she panicked. She backed up all of the data their systems had collected on the Federation members since they had arrived along with the recording of the communication she had just intercepted to warn the others. She tried to talk to her security staff and others in leadership positions but it was too late; they became very upset with her and refused to look at the evidence. The trusted security team she had managed for nearly two decades had already fallen under the influence of the Orion Group and their AI god. The only other person that listened to her was Raymond, who was the engineer that ran the colony’s efforts to reverse engineer the Federation technologies. He was one of the few holdouts that hadn’t had the implants installed and had witnessed the change in behavior of those on his team who had.

She realized she had to act quickly so she and Raymond grabbed about a dozen of their family members and friends she could trust, who then helped them steal a long-range vessel in order to escape from their friends and colleagues who were now compromised. Anya and her new group of refugees headed to a GGLN military outpost in another solar system where a relative of hers was stationed in hopes he would be able to keep her arrival quiet. When she arrived, her cousin was able to make a copy of the intelligence she had been able to bring with her and uploaded it to the military intelligence mainframe. They both knew that this mainframe was connected to the quantum correlated communication devices that used quantum entanglement between devices making the data impossible to intercept or decrypt.

Her cousin helped the small group of refugees replenish their supplies, and provided them with information that he downloaded from the military mainframe regarding Sigmund’s disclosures of the Dark Fleet and a rogue group we refer to as the Secret Space Program Alliance (Our organization). Anya and her crew used that information to try to track down the SSP Alliance for their assistance. They were using stealthy means to travel and were staying off of the communications network to avoid detection by anyone who may be looking for them. They managed to avoid detection for several months when a GGLN military cruiser arrived in the small solar system they were hiding out in. The cruiser flew directly to the moon of a gas giant that the SSP Alliance was in orbit around and immediately opened communications.

The crew immediately began purging computer systems and destroying physical evidence when the cruiser entered the solar system as they knew there was no chance of them escaping capture. Anya opened communications with the GGLN military cruiser in order to buy a little time and was caught completely off guard by what happened next. She heard someone state that they were the commander of the “Wandering Star,” the new flagship of the free colonies. She was informed that the information she had disseminated through her cousin had made it through the entire GGLN military network. The GGLN military was able to determine that dozens of their colonies were now under the control of the Orion Group through their Federation allies.

The people living in the GGLN colonies were enraged and called for the colonies working with these Federation groups to expel them and to return to developing the breakthrough technologies that had so much promise. These colonies refused to give up the alliances and technologies they were given, so the GGLN military contacted the ICC for assistance. The ICC ordered the GGLN military to stand down and allow the continued development of the implant technologies and be prepared to accept that technology as soon as it was ready for mass deployment. The GGLN military was told they were ordered to enforce the mandate of all GGLN participants to be implanted.

When the GGLN military brought these orders to the colony leaders, 93 of them came together and declared independence from the ICC and all Earth governments. The GGLN military then pledged their allegiance to the new governments of these colonies and was sent out to look for Anya’s group and to make contact with the SSP Alliance. Once the SSP Alliance heard about the GGLN program’s complete collapse, they made contact and were now on board the “Wandering Star” along with s team of Mayans. The Mayans had helped the GGLN military develop a method of removing the implants without the procedure being fatal.

On the way back to one of their colonies onboard the “Wandering Star” they were informed of an agreement that the SSP Alliance and new free colonies had made in regards to working together to defeat the Orion Group and AI agenda. The SSP Alliance had brought them the news of the future Super Federation trials and how the new guardians and Zulu had put the ICC and Super Federation on notice. The GGLN had never heard of the Guardians nor had they been informed that our local star cluster was heavily inhabited by beings very close to us genetically.

At the end of this briefing, we were informed that this league of free colonies was offering the SSP Alliance all of their assets in the effort to free their homeworld, a prison planet called Earth. The former GGLN military groups have been in a number of firefights with Reptilian and Dark Fleet vessels that were harassing other worlds in their direct vicinity. They are sending some of their assets back to our solar system by way of the Zulu planet where they will be introduced to the Zulu leadership, which is made up of over 100 of the elder women of their society. The Zulu planet is where the headquarters for the Local Confederation of Planets made up of over 50 ET groups from our local stellar neighborhood.

I am told the “Wandering Star” will be the flagship of the human-led fleet that will coordinate their entrance into our solar system working with the SSP Alliance and elements of the Earth Alliance assets that are still operational after its near-collapse in 2020. Due to operational security, that is all that was shared with us at the time.

If these friendly forces are to be successful in their missions we, as the resistance on this planet, need to encourage the people of the world to get out on the streets and make their voices heard. It is only after we see the masses in the streets will the Earth Alliance have the leverage to make their moves. Once we all rise up at the same time and begin robbing the Orion Group of their loosh we will see their influence die off within days as they go into withdrawals from no longer being fed by our pain and suffering. It is at this point in history that humanity will free itself and learn the karmic lessons of its enslavement, never to repeat those mistakes again.

We highly encourage everyone to read over the SSP Alliance Report where Micca and his planet of the Olmec people freed themselves from the Orion Group and AI Archon agenda. It is not through a planetary war that we will be freed but through us refusing to participate in the system that enslaves us, to begin with.

~ Corey Goode – “The Liberation of Micca’s Planet & the Savior Trap They Almost Fell Into”:

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~ November 3rd, 2021 –Corey Goode’s official Facebook page:

~ November 3rd, 2021 – Corey Goode Updates on Ascension Works TV:


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