Corey Goode – “The Wandering Star Commander Updates SSP Council on their visit to the Zulu Planet”

Universal Forces Editor’s Note: we are sharing the full report posted on Corey Goode’s Facebook page on November 28, 2021. Corey talks about the arrival of the Wandering Star flagship in the Zulu Star System. For the first time, human representatives visited their planet and were able to bring back actual intel about it and how the Zulu got to be so powerful.

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“The Wandering Star” Flagship Commander Updates the SSP Council on their visit to the Zulu Planet and the civil war within the Global Galactic League of Nations

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This is a brief summary of an upcoming report. Recently, the Gonzales brought me up to the Mayan craft where we had been performing reconnaissance missions where the SSP Council was waiting for me. I walked up and stood next to the table they have gathered around and looked down at it as a 3D holographic image appeared. The image morphed into a video recording of the person we would come to know as the commander of the GGLN flagship, the Wandering Star. The commander then gave an incredible update of what had occurred since they arrived in the Zulu Star System. For the first time, human representatives visited their planet and were able to bring back actual intel about it and how the Zulu got to be so powerful.

Zulu Planet, a “giant planetary geode” that gives it a unique frequency that allowed the Zulu to harness their spiritual and PK (Psycho-Kinetic) abilities and quickly ascend to 5th density. The Zulu planet is highly sought after by the AI god and its minions however none have ever been able to successfully invade the Zulu solar system. Every time the Draco or other species have tried to invade, they ended up attacking themselves as the Zulu broadcast confusion and mistrust amongst the invaders.

The planet went through its 5th density transition long ago but appears mostly lifeless on the surface. The Zulu and animals from their planet had moved within the thick crust via openings in its north and south poles many of their solar cycles prior. There the Zulu were able to pass deep into the interior of the planet where they found giant purple crystals sticking up out of the soil that have washed into the planet’s interior over millions of years during the time the planet had life on its surface.

As you travel inside this planet-sized geode and move towards its center the giant crystal caverns there is a very large open area at the center of the planet where a liquid crystalline core-spun at a tremendous speed while giving off a white pulsating radiation that crackled into the tips of the giant mountain like purple crystals that seemed to stretch out of the soil towards the central core.

The commander of the Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN) flagship, The Wandering Star, also reported that since their small fleet had arrived in the Zulu Star System, they have been experiencing constant euphoria and after arriving in orbit of the Zulu planet, the crew became very emotional to the point that they had to instead put their fleet in orbit of one of the planets in the outskirts of the Zulu system. The energy radiating from the Zulu planet was so intense that when their teams were brought down to meet with the Zulu Elder Council, they had to wear radiation suits and strange metallic-looking skullcap-looking hats on their heads for protection. Still, after all of these precautions, the teams reported very strong senses of euphoria as they were brought on tours of various villages and met the elders from various clans.

The commander of The Wandering Star is apparently a very good negotiator and was able to pass a number of tests that the Zulu Elders had put him through as they got to know him. During some of the negotiations, the Zulu had agreed to place one of their elders in each GGLN fleet that would serve as advisors with the only stipulation being that their elders be stationed on ships that are not armed. The GGLN agreed to a number of other terms including that the GGLN had to make the liberation of Earth’s Solar System a priority.

That however would have to wait as the GGLN was now involved in a civil war with other GGLN colonies in the outer rim of the Galaxy closest to the Andromeda galaxy. The GGLN commander then informed us that their group that had declared independence from the Earth Governments and Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) had grown to nearly 200 colonies and military outposts since the last update that the SSP Alliance had received. There were now over 70 GGLN colonies that had either fallen to the Orion Group because of the deceptions of the human-looking rogue federation or had been invaded and taken over by the GGLN colonies who were now AI Prophets.

Not only were GGLN fleets fighting one another, but the rogue federation groups had joined in beside them with Draco and Dark Fleet assets popping up in battles as well. Thankfully the Zulu made themselves very useful allowing the GGLN ships to teleport around the galaxy while using Aikido types of defense methods that redirected the enemy’s attacks sending their weapons fire and even black magic attacks back to the senders.

I will be sharing more in future updates. For now, Stay tuned and keep an eye on AscensionWorks.TV for the full report.

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