Corey Goode – “Suspicious Deaths in the ICC & Elite Bloodlines, Disinformation Wars, and ongoing Inner Earth Meetings”

Universal Forces Editor’s Note: we are sharing the quick update posted on Corey Goode’s Facebook page on January 1st, 2022. In this update, he talks about suspicious deaths of ICC & Elite Bloodline members, that started to happen after they returned from a ceremony held in Antarctica. He also talks about the disinformation wars going on and gives a brief update on ongoing Inner Earth Meetings.

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Suspicious Deaths in the ICC & Elite Bloodlines

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Suspicious deaths and suicides were reported within the ICC and even a few of the elite bloodline members who went to Antarctica for a ceremony during the recent eclipse. The elite bloodline groups flew back to their countries with gifts that the custodians of the old gods had given them.

They were given ancient scrolls and relics that were recently excavated in the old city of the gods. According to the reports, 3 of these elite bloodline members died in horrific manners after performing ceremonies and reading the scrolls aloud.

Most of the elite bloodline people were able to perform this ritual which caused them to receive incredible downloads of information that the old gods had programmed into the elite lines DNA thousands of years ago.

The proper tones played and ancient words read aloud while holding an ancient relic activated their DNA and caused it to unpack huge amounts of information stored within it.

Those who survived the process were hospitalized in high-tech underground bunkers where they have been recovering while they document the information they received in their downloads.

The 3 elites who didn’t survive the process were said to have had their eyes, brains, and organs liquefy and left their bones turned to a rubbery consistency.

It was reported to me that there were 16 suspicious deaths and suicides within the ICC leadership over the last few weeks. In all cases, the people were behaving out of character for a few days before they either committed suicide or died of sudden organ failure.

There is a lot of suspicions that either someone in the ICC or the Orion Group is hacking into the nanites and brain chips of their colleagues to cause them to commit suicide or by causing what appears to be a natural death.

Disinformation Wars

People claiming to have inside information are basing their stories on recent news events or rumors on the Internet. The Earth Alliance is taking advantage of disinformation agents (& LARPs) who put out fake intelligence based on Internet postings.

The recent fake tweets from Klaus Schaub and others about a trip to Antarctica were put out by a company that creates satire tweets. The ‘cube on the moon’ is another example of stories that disinformation agents locked on to in an attempt to give their stories relevance.

A number of opportunistic researchers and supposed insiders and alien contactees have revealed themselves by this type of behavior. Many of the experts and researchers that we once trusted have become compromised by the disinformation campaigns.

For those who follow the Political (Left & Right), Truther, Patriot, Full Disclosure, and Ufology communities, you need to understand that most of the information you are consuming is disinformation put out by both sides.

This is the weirdest war in human history and it is mostly playing out on the battlefield of propaganda. A lot of well-intentioned people have bought into ideas and narratives that have little if any basis in reality.

I receive regular briefings from various high-ranking military officers from the Earth Alliance and the incredible “shit storm of disinformation” (their words) is always at the top of their list.

The Earth Alliance has been so infiltrated and compromised that it splintered into several groups, a few of which were then fully taken over by the Cabal who began taking advantage of that group’s prior respect within the Alliance to become a mouthpiece to spreaddisinfo to well-intentioned people they feed their disinformation to.

People who used to have solid contacts within the Alliance are now being fed disinfo through the same information network they have come to trust.

Ongoing Inner Earth Meetings

We will also be delivering more briefing on recent meetings between Inner Earth Groups and members of the Local Confederation of Planets, a group that Earth will join after our next Solar Cycle, and the removal of the Orion Groups influence in our entire local stellar neighborhood of over 52 stars.

Members formerly of the Global Galactic League of Nations were also present along with SSP Alliance members who represented the surface population and their related human colonies.

These meetings are ongoing and we will have briefings on them very soon.

~ Corey Goode

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