Corey Goode – “Earth Alliance Update”

Universal Forces Editor’s Note: we are sharing the quick update posted on Corey Goode’s Facebook page on December 26, 2021. He talks about the somewhat chaotic situation being faced by the Earth Alliance internally. But he also points out that it is our responsibility to take a more active role in relation to what we want to manifest instead of just lay back and be waiting for salvation coming from others.

~ Universal Forces

Earth Alliance Update

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My family has been in Texas for the holidays. As many of you know, this is where many of my original Earth Alliance contacts are. I hope to share what I can from the briefings I receive once we are back home in Boulder, Colorado.

As I reported in a previous video, the Alliance had a number of people and groups who they thought they could rely on betray them. A feeling I and others in this battle are all too familiar with.

I spoke to a member of the Alliance Leadership this past August and he admitted their failure was due to some of their key people chickening out or betraying them at the last minute.

He said the Alliance’s silence since then has unfortunately contributed to a firestorm of misinformation that has made any type of organized resistance almost impossible. He told me that there are groups ready to act but they need more people in the streets protesting before they do so. This public show of support for freedom would legitimize their actions that would be treated like treason in the current environment.

He also said that it has not escaped their attention that the Ufology and Esoteric communities have mirrored the failures that have happened to the Alliance. The Alliance admits they are a bit of a chaotic mess right now but also pointed out how our communities are in a near-identically flaccid state.

My sources have also confirmed that the Cabal is in full operational mode to implement their global totalitarian regime that will eventually be ruled by AI quantum computers that will enforce laws impartially. These computers will eventually interface with micro-chips and nanites that every human being will be required to accept.

This IS the timeline we are on currently unless the masses wake up and act!

My sources have also confirmed that the Cabal leadership who recently went to Antarctica during the Eclipse have not been removed from the planet. In fact, they all flew back to their regions from the “City of the old gods” with scrolls and artifacts gifted to them by the ancient Custodians of the old gods.

I hope to share more details soon. In the meantime do all you can to unplug from the constant flow of misinformation coming from the Main Stream Media and even from many of the ufology sources you once trusted.

We must focus inwardly to have to balance to cut through all of the BS and be an effective asset working for freedom and not put our energy into praying and hoping to be rescued by the Alliance or Angelic ET’s.

Make sure to use discernment and not just lean towards narratives that you resonate with. For too many in this community “resonate” is the same as “it makes me feel good”. The truth is not likely to give you the warm fuzzies.

This is the strangest war in human history and is being largely fought with propaganda. Now is a time to balance critical thinking with feelings so that we can discern properly and not blind ourselves to what is going on by being reactionary or seeking out hopeful scenarios that make us feel good.

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We ask that everyone set their intention that 2022 will be a year of justice and freedom.

Get off the sidelines, prayers and mass meditations are great, but only through action will those intentions be manifested.

I will be sharing what I can mostly on Telegram and Ascension Works TV.

~ Corey Goode

~ December 26, 2021 –Corey Goode’s official Facebook page:

~December 26, 2021 – Corey Goode Updates on Ascension Works TV:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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  1. Fournier

    Je suis du même avis.
    Nous devrions agir physiquement et collectivement.
    Vous pouvez compté sur moi.
    Si il faut se sacrifier pour que cela ce concrétise je le ferai.
    Moi même je subit trop de attaque.
    J’aimerais tant les neutraliser mais comme vous le dites nombreux sont les traîtres et peureux.
    Je suis seul.
    Et ces attaques sont nombreuses et variées.
    Mais je pense que vous le savez depuis tout ce temps.
    Merci a vous tous. Nous y arriveront.
    Nous sommes UN.
    Nos cousins de la terre intérieur sont présent.
    J’attend de vous rencontrer.
    Je vous appel. Appelez moi.
    J’ai hâte. Nous avons tous hâte.
    Paix et amour.

  2. Лион

    Чистую информацию трудно найти уже не доверяешь нечему

    1. Ukeron

      When using an automatic translator, this is what is possible to read from your message:

      “It’s hard to find pure information, you don’t trust anything anymore”.

      The problem is mainly related to how we perceive the information coming from different sources of information. As a general rule, at least what we expect from our readers, is that each reader should be able to evaluate the information by themselves, using their own discernment, intuition, and common sense.

      When we are sharing the information coming from someone else (authors not related to our website), we usually let clear the author of the message and a link for the source of the original article. There is no change in the original text. This also happens when we are publishing translations of some articles, we try to keep the original meaning of the message.

      A while ago, we already shared one article giving some hints about how to discern and validate the information (this also applies to all information that we are sharing on this website as well):

      While it is interesting to follow some narratives, our main focus is on bringing awareness of the personal responsibility that each person must take in order to work on their own ascension process. That’s more why we’re sharing Corey Goode’s articles, as he clearly conveys this message that we shouldn’t wait for the work of others, everyone is co-responsible for their own process and should take their own responsibilities.

      We already shared one article a while ago, but is always good to remember the message:

      “Many people may ask themselves « How can I help in the Ascension process? » and the first answer that comes is « Connect to your heart, disconnect from the energy of fear, from outer stimuli and go within. Feel yourself! ».”

      ~ How can I help in the Ascension process?

      Ascension is a personal and individual process, as clearly stated in this article:

      “The ascension is an individual process specific to each Being. Collectively we can co-create the new Earth we want to go to, just before the Final Event of the Great Solar Flash (when the Earth will be completely evacuated), but the ascension process is unique to each Being. Each Being has its own connection with the Divine Source, and Soul Matrix, and it is only through its own evolution (through love, forgiveness, healing) that it can ascend.”

      ~ Ascension is Individual and Internal:

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