Logical Reasoning

I've been wanting to write about logical reasoning for a long time and how this tool that Nature has given us can help us to get rid of many mistakes and unpleasant feelings! Certain emotions can blind us, and lately, we see hatred and/or fear dominating people.

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Easter Portal of 12-13th April 2020

According to this article of Lisa Renee, recently a Portal of the Great Cosmic Mother opened for the safe passage of incarnated and disincarnated children, victims of satanic rituals on Earth (many of the perpetrators are not of human origin, but rather Archons, Chimera, dark Draconians and dark Reptilians, long present on our planet).

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Please do not feed the fears

"Please do not feed the fears" Fear is a virus that spreads faster than anything else. Did you haven't understand the message yet? According to FM 144 blog and other sources: "The…

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