Decree of Forgiveness

Perhaps the most difficult part of the Ascension Process is to understand the meaning of Forgiveness. We all would like to point fingers, scream out loud about our pains and suffering, demand justice, request that the “bad ones” must be eliminated and removed right now, and so on and so for.

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"Religion is following The Messenger, Spirituality is following The Message." As usual, discernment is mandatory in critical times. Follow THE MESSAGE and learn to dissociate the MESSENGER from the MESSAGE.…

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The Occult Wisdom of Atlantis

The energy of Cosmic Oneness and its manifestation is known as Occultism. In the high dimensional world, Oneness streamers manifest the divine vision required by a single thought. In the…

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I AM a Sovereign Being – The Train is Coming

We would love to thank everyone who is spreading the word of our urgent call for our “Meditation to Decree the Sovereignty of Mankind and The End of Chimera”: Because of…

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