IT BE – Keys of Life – Part 2 of 6

We released this book as part of the article “BE a Sovereign Being and Act Accordingly“, published on June 12, 2019:

To help you to understand better what does it means to claim your sovereignty back, to be a sovereign being and to act accordingly, we would like to share a book specially written for this occasion.

The name of this book is “IT BE – Keys of Life: On the Search for the SELF, the WE and the WHERE.”

This book was written by a mentor of Ukeron from the SURFACOM – SURFAce COMmand, in order to help him to understand his role and who he is. Now he is being guided to share it with everyone who decided to step in and claim back their own sovereignty.


This book was already translated to German and Portuguese, and you can download the translated versions in the links added to the end of this article. Please let us know if you already found this material translated to your language, or if you would like to help in the translation of this material.

We will publish now the content of this book in 6 parts. Enjoy!

“IT BE ~ Keys of Life”
by Paradise IT

For my children.

Paradise IT

4. The Most Complete Individual Consciousness

It’s easy to understand that a limited individual consciousness of the self is different from the consciousness of others. A cut into a finger triggers no physical pain at the other. Empathy shows a deeper binding, but the physical pain and physical injury is individually there where the cut happens, and not in someone else. The self is sovereign and individual in its experiences, its decisions, in its feelings and in the composition of its expression. It is also unique in its experience. This uniqueness is also true in terms of the activated source code, which is translated as DNA within the human body.

The activation of the entire source code of one consciousness enables it to express, to create, perceive and understand almost limitless within the time and space universes. And the motivation to explore is a direct heritage of the core identity of the creator. The activation of all source code represents the maximum capacity that is provided by the creation. And with that, the consciousness gets most close to the capacity of the inexhaustible intelligence of the source. The capacity does not only include the understanding of space or physical relationships. It’s about expanding the capacity through the exploration of new emotional states that enriches the cosmic consciousness in its wisdom because, exploration brings forth wisdom.

Spiritual leaders who have described their special experiences on their expedition with terms like enlightenment, vision, ascension, the achievement of Nirvana or obtaining a cosmic consciousness, are only initial ideas of a human to evolve towards the most complete individual consciousness. Because a consciousness with fully activated source code is a formless and unlimited intelligence.

In this state, the consciousness experiences everything from that perspective, that all life is pure love in its fullest expression, and that life in its diversity is conceived of this one concept, and that this consists forever. And a life according to this perspective leads the human body from its individual reality towards the reality of the source of all creation. Experiencing according to this perspective does activate the source code.

That all is pure love is in the context of the human drama on Terra which is difficult to understand. How can all the suffering, wars, dominance and control, the battle of beliefs and an extremely intelligent, interconnected and organized elite that projects torment and slavery on every human being be an expression of perfect and unconditional love?

And to discover this very love in all this is the challenge that one consciousness has signed for, as it willingly limited itself within the human body to life here as self in human form. It is the paradox of life to be pushed to a limit performed by the hardness of a structure that allows love behind all to be the only left conclusion.

In an already perfect environment where everything is made of joy and ease, where every wish manifests itself immediately and where a self does not have to move to gain full happiness, where there are no challenges, the universe cannot expand in the whole experience and the purpose of a contribution would not be given. Only at the brink of the new, of that what a consciousness still did not contribute, far from safe environments, perceptions, and actions, the contribution is getting developed and there it is gaining profile.

Only the experience of a borderline situation, limited and cut off from the knowledge of the immortality of the consciousness and without being able to rely on experiences from other experienced lives, and by the separation from the structure unfolds the true perception and the nature of the self. In the known everyday life a master might learn not much and would be also too involved to draw actively closer to this experience.

Especially considering the current events and revelations, there is an almost overwhelming stock of pressure and control, as if an invisible director has turned on and on the experience in the field of tension and tries to shout out “How far do I have to spread the duality of good and evil until you are ready to realize that it is your objective to find the nature of love in all and everything? Until you in human form did raise enough and perceive that the concept of your existence is it to evolve your selves toward wholeness? Do you all not see the unconditional love in the fact that I let you play any role, good or evil and that I love you all the same way for your wonderful contribution?”

Truly grasping this as knowledge, everything on its head.

A fight becomes gratitude to the challenge to rethink ones belief system.

A hopeless situation and threat become an appreciation of the fact that a self is considered that strong that it has received the task to develop a solution.

From the realization that the potential of an inexhaustible intelligence inside, and in all life and all time surrounding one, and that there is a cosmic partner around everyone that gets perfectly into the self and wraps itself around the self, and that provides always valuable adventures originates a nurturing and caring of all life.

Considering conspiratorial ideas and the unveiling of the incredible knowledge, the influence and the financial ability of some organizations of the structure, the conclusion seems likely that there are those among the most influential people who do know about this nature of things. And it can surely be assumed that not many actors in the chain of execution are aware of their real contribution and the configuration of their self because of their limited existence.

One thing is clear. As a result, the plan works. At present, people are waking up and discover the values of a responsible, enlightened lifestyle. The perception changes from shortage towards inexhaustible potentials. The perfection of this communal interaction is breathtaking and reveals an idea of the governing intelligence.

There are two kinds of consciousness in the cosmos. And one of them is the consciousness of the self that has been separated from its birthing source and therefore individualized for the purpose to gain new insight and the adaptation of information. It is this kind that inhabits the human body. And this kind explores the time and space universes in all dimensions in an infinite variety to express and constantly change.

5. The Cosmic Consciousness

The second kind of consciousness, the cosmic partner of the individualized kind is the cosmic consciousness. Such as the consciousness of a self is perceptive and expressive to adapt to information in constant changes and to gain experience, the cosmic consciousness is a living template of adjusted potential energies and experiences. The cosmic consciousness reacts to perceptions and actions of the consciousness of self. It is like an infinite intelligent combined personality that responds to perceptions and actions of the consciousness of a self just as the surface of a body of water reflects the image of the environment. Every consciousness of a self has the potential to transform the human body into a body for the most complete individual consciousness. However, this transformation depends on whether the self reflects an image of the complete individual consciousness on the “mirror” of the cosmic consciousness or a lesser one that is only a distortion of its true existence.

The mirroring occurs through belief systems. Because belief systems bear and focus energies to this mirror and the cosmic consciousness creates a perfect turn that includes everything, so that the self can experience the results of its belief systems. The pitfall in this perfect dance of fulfillment of the wishes is the vagueness and inconsistency that may be contained in belief systems. In inexhaustible intelligence and in the permanent act of unconditional love, the cosmic consciousness finds a world of experience where the belief systems of the self can be put to the test.

The relationship of the self to cosmic consciousness is essential to cultivate because it reflects the degree of acceptance of the self to the myriad forms and manifestations of life. This interaction is the interference concept that illustrates the connection of the individual with the cosmic consciousness.

The universe with the component of cosmic consciousness is, by no means, a mechanical separated system or one that gives the self an absurd fate. It is the kind and perfect support of the cosmic consciousness to be perfectly fair to every consciousness in any condition using its inexhaustible intelligence. This is in the quality of the self-perception that is projected to the “mirror” of the cosmic consciousness.

When the self recognizes the perfection of this dance despite his limited existence in the human body and despite the temporal distance from a developed belief system to its unfolding in the world of experience, this results in deep gratitude to this relationship and support. And it is a masterful partnership, because the contribution of the self is the perception and action to the objectives of expansion. And it is also its responsibility to develop belief systems that draw closer to the perfect “mirror image”. Also, the consciousness of the self is not mechanical, because in the decisions in its reality it can express free will of its formless consciousness. And this leads away from a mechanical, purely logical universe that could be fully simulated.

6. Life Principles Toward Transformation

That belief systems are a strong force, anyone can observe from personal experience. The will of a desire, the wish so to say is sending according to the quality of its underlying belief systems and the cosmic consciousness delivers a reality to rate this.

As an example: The desire to own a house manifests a house. However not just any, but rather one in exactly the precision that the self can imagine or that it’s belief systems would permit. There where the imagination is not specified, the cosmic consciousness fills the gaps according to a perfect result, according to all other belief systems and circumstances of the current reality of the self. A self might believe in the value of owning a house along with it’s belief of its status and it contains another hidden belief system to always have hard luck. In the space of possibilities achieving its reality then provides a home, but with a fundamental water damage in the basement, as it turns out after the purchase.

It is a perfect reflection of the belief systems of the self and finally points to the responsibility to improve its belief systems concerning a better understanding of its completeness. It is also associated with a deep commitment to expansion, anchored in the grant vision of existence.

This is best achieved when the self directs its belief systems according to the principles of the most complete individual consciousness and thus approaches a transformative experience. This does in the dynamic of life not lead to many uniform selves, but to a higher degree of harmony with life and the coexistence within the whole. In addition, the consciousness is programmed in the sense of its personal source code to transform energy in numerous and creative ways. When the self acts according to the following described principles of life and aligns its energy transforming belief systems in such a way, it can be a master to overcome its own limitations.

The dance of the two types of consciousness does lead to an ever-increasing understanding of the whole, and this leads to the transformative experience within the self.

It is therefore vital to align the reality towards the most complete individual consciousness. And this is possible through gratitude, the steady perception of creation and the dignity for life in any circumstances. At following the principles the self experiences a deeper meaning in comparison to the apparently random events in a universal and personal context.

Before these principles are illustrated, let a summary be allowed.

The human body is animated by an immortal consciousness that is aware of the deep connection with the cosmos. For the purpose of expansion and improvement of the understanding, it limits itself into a genetic body that is a composition of biological, emotional, and mental abilities.

The binding of the consciousness to its vehicle is made possible through DNA, which is programmed prior to the merge at the beginning of a life in the time and space universes and that the consciousness has access to. The body allows the storage and redirection of energy materialized in a physical world that can be perceived with his five senses. It is the process of life that causes the expansion of experience by energies that manifest through belief systems and that can be tested around the clock because of the interference of the inexhaustible intelligence and in the full perfection of the cosmic consciousness. Belief systems are formed by assumptions and perceptions that are partially defined by existing rules of the body, its evolution, through experience and by programming through the source code of consciousness.

Time and space are also manifested by belief systems, which transform the inexhaustible, intelligent, multi-dimensional vibrating energy through consciousness into the time and space universe. It represents the environment of the human body and its materialized foundation itself. As a stable belief system at the lowest level, the already realized physical energy forces have been established. These are gravity, electromagnetic force, the weak and the strong interaction. The component of intelligent consciousness in this energy and the impact of consciousness to these forces will certainly be better described by the physics in the future, as far as it has at least regular observable recognizability in time and space. But, it is not an abstract Creator, who directs the development of his grand vision from above from the highest realms of the ivory tower. It drives the inexhaustible intelligence through the energy from the foundation into existence.

In a spiritual sense, this vibrating energy is in its multidimensional frequency the purest love, and besides the perceiving and deciding consciousness energy, it is the second component in the cosmos. It is the carrier system in which individualized sovereign consciousness manifests and can play itself out in a perfect dance with the cosmic consciousness. And through this, the infinite intelligence of Creator expresses itself omnipresent.

6.1. The Principle of Gratitude

When the perfect support of the cosmic consciousness to the shaping of a self-image is recognized, an appreciation of this interference arises. The whole universe is a collective intelligence that unites in ever-expanding complexity from its fundamental energetic foundation and that acts identically on all levels of its parts. And at each stage of this self-generating conscious creation is a correlation to cosmic consciousness. The ability of a consciousness to freely design belief systems, the mirroring of these systems on the cosmic consciousness to experience and to examine leads to the gratitude of the experience, if it is really understood. When it is clear that the design of a personal reality arises through this partnership. And the reality to experience is completely free from external control and conditions when the self projects an image of the most complete individual consciousness on the supportive “mirror” of the cosmic consciousness. Appreciation arises when it is recognized how precisely and perfect this exchange of energies in each moment of life takes place. And thus an enormous and natural sense of gratitude flows from self towards the cosmic consciousness.

It is this gratitude that allows the self to transform the human body into an expression of the most complete individual consciousness. This realization creates a belief system that concentrates energies and is able to activate the source code of the consciousness that will unlock this transfer in DNA. The relationship of the self to the cosmic consciousness is essential to cultivate, because it determines more than anything else, how accepted a self is in relation to the variety of forms and experiences.

The greatest possible life in harmony is achieved by the understanding that changes in the experiencing reality of a self is accepted as a changing personality of the cosmic consciousness. A life with the knowledge of this exchange allows to live out a reality free of judgment and fear. It is a path to unconditional love, to experience life in all its variants as a single, unified intelligence that responds perfectly to the projected image of the self. A harmonic relationship to the cosmic consciousness does not mean that life is free of problems or discomfort, it provides rather a sense in what life offers to experience. The identification of problems is one of the key components of a life form to improve the external circumstances and the ability to have problems, which are converted into goals, is an important perceiving element for navigation in life. But the outflow of gratitude through appreciation of the relationship to the cosmic consciousness attracts life experiences that promote the transformation to completion. These are experiences that reveal the purpose and deepest meanings and sacrifice to the formative purpose of life.

The feeling of gratitude transposed through appreciation is expressed like an invisible message in all directions and all times. This expression is the universal motive that is desired by the self. Every thought, every breath, every movement is focused on expressing this gratitude. This speeds up the approximation to the ideal reality of the most complete individual consciousness and supports the transformation of the self.

The reason why this relationship is not always clear is caused by time. It deforms the perception of the perfect alignment. Time is engaged in the cause-effect detection, allows the experience of the energetic impulses of a belief system to appear randomly and established periods of time, which obscure this relationship. Time generates a separation to experience and this creates doubt of the existence of the cosmic consciousness, its unconditional love and its fairness. However, it is these periods of time that enable the understanding of fateful events through reflection and are often the reason for the activation of the source code, which initiate an extension of the DNA in the human body towards the most complete individual consciousness. These periods thus establish a more intimate and more harmonic relationship to the cosmic consciousness.

Thus what is causing the activation of the source code, is knowledge and perception. It is the intention and understanding, and it is this that has to be converted into an energetic belief system. To realize and to understand, that this interrelationship is present in every life situation and that the appreciation should be expressed in gratitude leads therefore to the activation of the source code.

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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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