IT BE – Keys of Life – Part 1 of 6

We released this book as part of the article “BE a Sovereign Being and Act Accordingly“, published on June 12, 2019:

To help you to understand better what does it means to claim your sovereignty back, to be a sovereign being and to act accordingly, we would like to share a book specially written for this occasion.

The name of this book is “IT BE – Keys of Life: On the Search for the SELF, the WE and the WHERE.”

This book was written by a mentor of Ukeron from the SURFACOM – SURFAce COMmand, in order to help him to understand his role and who he is. Now he is being guided to share it with everyone who decided to step in and claim back their own sovereignty.


This book was already translated to German and Portuguese, and you can download the translated versions in the links added to the end of this article. Please let us know if you already found this material translated to your language, or if you would like to help in the translation of this material.

We will publish now the content of this book in 6 parts. Enjoy!

“IT BE ~ Keys of Life”
by Paradise IT

For my children.

Paradise IT


1. Preface

The presented insights are no perceptions in a scientific sense. Therefore there was the decision not to include references. It is the result of personal observations and insights that helped to clarify the presented image. Much information has been available and collected from the internet and has been extended by personal experiences. This is the attempt to connect all this information to a picture.

Additionally, there is no claim to completeness because life seems to be a very fluid and changeable matter.

The journey to these findings do contain observations of the external world, but it is also the exploration of the inner world. It is the search for answers to the magical experience of life so far.

“I love humanity.”

“I love every child – care for it.”

“I am confident that humanity is capable to access the royalty that I experienced with the contact.”

~ Paradise IT

2. On the Search for The Self

There is certainly no one who is not occasionally in search of the self. It is not the short peek at the photo, not the snapshot, not the body meant that is encountered in everyday life. It’s not one or the other role that is played in various life situations. The role of the daughter, the mother, the chief, the doctor, the judge, the teacher or the student. These roles are adopted along with the best practices of a region, a country or continent, and these accepted ideas, experiences and solutions are incorporated as a culture. Thus are roles that may work differently according to the region. However, these are only facets of the self that are extended by the family network and many other features like gender, age, or social status. And in the course of a lifetime, the circumstances and the self additionally changes. It is a dynamic of external circumstances and it is also a dynamic of inner circumstances that makes a self-perception very complicated.

But it appears to be so close. Everyone is somehow right in the middle of it, but it is so far and untouchable at the same time. It is a journey that is taken very individually. A journey that makes up the life of a self.

And there is a sense that the self-discovery is a purpose of life, a breath of an identified purpose of existence.

Because in the perception that there must be a self, even if it appears to be incredibly complex, it contains magic that is the driving force of life.

It is something where nothing could be. Nothing but empty space, or not even that.

It would be more reasonable that there would be simply nothing. That would even make much more sense than having to deal with whether there is a beginning or an end and what was before the beginning? And who or what caused a beginning?

But there is something. To read this more than nothing. It is there and it is perceived by something, through the eyes or ears into the self. Right now.

This perception disproves that there is simply nothing. And this fact drives the question of the beginning, the reason and the role of the self in it.

And obviously the self can perceive. So, there is a perceiving self that resides in us, that makes us and yet it is so untouchable that even the elders are not able to explain it with all their life experiences.

Therefore, there are approaches for explanations. Religions and science are two examples. Around it have been formed social structures, politics, countries, superstructures, all in search of the perceiving self and the reason for existence.

Depending on the culture, the approaches are manifold and still, no approach can deliver tangible proof.

In the perception of existence, religion concludes an act of creation. And in search of the components of existence, the science is on its way to catch something tangible with different disciplines. But even the most expensive experiments provide, at maximum, proof of theories.

Regardless of the offer of answers, if confirmed by beliefs, confirmed by a savior or expressed by scientific theories. At a certain depth there is no trace of an idea and finally, all the concepts run into a dead-end – no matter how accurate and how rational the concepts might be.

Then there is the question of the boundary of the self. To where does it reach? Is it the body, which marks the border? Is it expanding with the body starting at the melting of a sperm with the egg? And when the body’s cells renew, is the self every time transferred into the present form? Is the brain enough to form a fully perceiving self, or does the self use the brain and the body to navigate in time and space?

When a body brings forth this self completely, what is then the body of that, which created the perceiving existence?

And because the reality of one differs from the other reality, what is the reality of the cause, the source of existence? And how and why is the self interwoven with it?

3. The Self as Composition

The question of the perceiving self opens a field of assumptions that results in a picture of existence. It is an idea of connections which must always be evaluated by oneself. It even seems to be the responsibility of each self to evaluate the content of the here presented ideas individually as well as all other concepts. Why else should there be this inexhaustible variety of self, in a constant expansion?

Currently, the expansion into the personal belief systems is defined as the limit, which declares this planet Terra as the playing field. But many people already expand this limit to life forms outside of this realm. Western religions expand it at least to a Creator and in other religious concepts, it is even several ones. Myths and fables report about other figures and in modern times, many people report more and more about contacts with people and other life forms that are not originated in Terra. But all have in common is that they are at least a self.

The Self consists of a human body that is bound to time and space. This body is an instrument a composition of biological, emotional, and mental capabilities. It is a vehicle of consciousness that is itself equipped with intelligence to maintain its functions.

In addition, the self contains a conscious entity that animates the human body. The connection between the human body and the consciousness is made at the time prior or at least during birth. From the day of this connection on the consciousness conditions itself carefully to continually adapt to the human body and to navigate within the three-dimensional, five-sensory body in time and space.

The consciousness, meaning the self-perceiving of the self that also is called Soul elsewhere is time and formless, but still navigates within the time and space universes. It is born in the source of cosmic intelligence beyond time and space and flows as a shining particle into the development of separation of individual consciousness, always in the custody of cosmic intelligence. It is the highest form of consciousness, which is capable to bind to forms, observes experiences and that can synthesize insights. Its purpose is the individualization, otherwise, the entire cosmos and its many fields of frequencies could be seen only from the perspective of Creator and through the lens of cosmic intelligence. So it is by definition subjected to a one-dimensional perspective and therefore an incomplete exploration. Creator has decreed the existence of these perspectives before the creation of the cosmos and cast himself into the form of luminous particles, and did set out these particles to experience separation.

The first creations were light luminous physical bodies without structure and their density was just enough to experience separation and not to be influenced by the dominant consciousness of Creator. These luminous bodies were autonomous from Creator and still formless in the sense of vibrational fields of time and space. They quickly populated the inner spheres of the universe of wholeness. In a light luminous body, these particles are indeed separated from the Creator, but are not separated from other consciousness and thus not yet individualized. The individualization occurs not before these bodies merge with a genetic body.

In their existing manifestation, these bodies have not been able to explore the areas where the vibration is decelerated and slows down the time. They recognized this fact as a task and began the development of genetic bodies that are capable to explore these remote regions of the cosmos and learn from it. Creator was indeed able to perceive these remote areas, but it was not possible to explore these areas from an individual perspective. The light luminous bodies imagined and also developed the human body in all its variations as it occurs all over in the cosmos.

It is these luminous particles in its formless existence, the consciousness of the self, which can express themselves through the vehicle of the human body and become subject to perceptions of reality of permanent change. The human body contains DNA to program the human form and to enable the merging with a consciousness. By genetics, a consciousness can, therefore, bind to a body and solidifies at the merging with the human body a matrix of life features within the DNA that lead to predetermined life experiences and fateful life stages for the purpose of acquiring experience. This merging is neither overwhelming nor scary. It is simply the construction to experience independence.

The composition of the self is comparable to a piano concert. The piano is the body, the player is the consciousness and the music is the perceiving life. Prior to the concert the consciousness calibrates the strings, specifies the number of keys, sets the height of the seat, and determines the location and finally the composition to be played. And depending on the level of skills and the desire of experiencing the seat might be too high, or some of the black keys are missing, or some strings are out of tune depending on the desire of the experiences to accomplish.

Even if the creation of the human body sounds like a fairy tale, that DNA can provide the ability to merge with consciousness beside its remarkable power to form a physical body opens, at least, some questions about a concept of a cumbersome evolutionary development. It suggests the involvement of a constructing and intelligent power that goes far beyond the current technical possibilities on Terra.

Since genes are more likely to keep a well-established structure, stable through the arduous path of evolution and the complete and highly complex binding capability with the consciousness, would be an extraordinary degree of coincidence of mutations, any alternative concepts and conclusions should not be completely disregarded. Scientists have understood the evolution of the human on a scale that can be seen as a wood splitter in a dense forest of time and space. The evolution of humans in this forest is a highly compressed process of countless adaptations and extensions that developed the genetic mind of the species harmoniously in accordance with the Creator. Even when it seems as if it is a randomly mutating collection of missteps and the survival of the fittest, the genetic mind of the race of the elderly, which is involved in the development of the young species on Terra, works on this accurately over a long period of time that exceeds all imagination. The way into the future of this species proceeds according to a blueprint that is deeply woven into the genetic mind. When the level of the state is understood, the species awakens to new horizons and once arrived it develops its true nature and its individual purpose.

From the species now back to the self. Through the initial occupation of a body, the consciousness is directly limited in a physical, emotional and mental spectrum of perception and thus also in its expression.

To stay with the example of the piano. The concert is to be developed to extend the experience from the given piano with all its existing properties and flaws.

Every consciousness is at the time of the merge in a unique stage of its experience. It strives to completeness and unity with all that can be achieved only when the consciousness is outside of time and perceives its own existence in timelessness.

Thus, it is the consciousness that is as a component of the self, the engine, which searches for a deeper understanding of existence.

In this picture, the consciousness is intelligence with the ability of self-perception. And intelligence is the processing of information through understanding. In the context of the limited self, intelligence is the processing of information that can be received through the five senses.

Intelligence in turn processes information in the reality of the self, recognizes rational contradictions and generated objectives from the identified rational problems, but also by physical needs and coordinates actions to achieve the objectives over time. These objectives may be quite conflicting and will then form part of the human drama.

The consciousness limits itself by merging with the human body at will to experience the separation from the cosmic consciousness. In this state of separation, the consciousness limits itself to gain new experiences and to obtain a deeper understanding of the reason for being, the underlying blueprint and the grand vision of existence.

Through this willful process of merging with a human body and by obtaining a deeper understanding, the mind can transform itself into a consciously integrated component of the cosmos. It is made possible because the consciousness can collect, store and can redirect the purpose of the usage of energies through belief systems by using the human body.

Through consciousness, the propulsion to watch out for a divine connection and experience a connecting to Creator is generated within the human body because, despite the limitation and reduction within a body, there is a cosmic bond noticeable, albeit often very weak. When the self becomes aware of its creative force to convert energy from assumptions and suggestions through existing belief systems it awakens. When this conversion of energy leads to a way of life that gently follows the existence of the grand vision, then it becomes the carrier of the reality of cosmic consciousness and the architect of a new principle of existence.

In the combination of body and consciousness, the self explores principles of evolution on Terra and expects to find the knowledge of the existence by a savior.

The alignment of a self to external circumstances and desire secures indeed the physical existence and a striving to physical wellbeing and integrity, but it is also the source of the human drama, of the misunderstandings and fallibilities. And the expectation to get salvation comfortably delivered from someone else, from a savior is indeed rooted in ancient myth but does not lead the self to the expected experience. It would be as if a recipe would be placed next to the ingredients in the expectation that such the prestigious food would cook itself.

The objective of the consciousness and, therefore, also the reason to dive through a physical reality in a body, is it to make a special experience. An experience that goes far beyond what a spiritual leader called enlightenment or ascension. It is the experience of transformation from a separated consciousness towards the consciousness of wholeness. To achieve it the activation of the source codes of the consciousness that allows for such a transformation is needed.

The source code is not the DNA, because the source code is part of the consciousness, it programs the body’s DNA matrix at the time of merging to gather specific prior to the merge specified experiences among other things. And the DNA is the manifested interactive execution instruction for a physical body and its limited existence within time and space. Thus, the human body itself cannot perform the activation of the source code, it is possible through consciousness. Only there where the source code is located.

A transformative experience towards wholeness cannot be achieved by an outwardly directed life. The binding to externals, to objects of desire or influence through power and control hinders an internal alignment of the self by the temptations of the externals. This especially because separation from externals is valuated with the energy contribution that it’s obtaining has consumed. It gives the impression of losing something and to give up what was once a beloved need and a desire and where energy has been invested in. This leads to a connection, whose separation would be a major effort. Neutrally, the obtaining and separation of desired things is also an important experience that leads towards wholeness.

In addition, nearly every social structure on Terra promotes the orientation to the external. To a better status, the better car, the higher incomes, and a higher rank. There is the mechanic of survival of a structure that depends on the orientation of a self on externals. Thereby is the view from the eyes into the world seductive and easy and encourages the structure. The view of the inner seems to be shapeless up to nonexistent. At least at first glance. And to learn to perceive the inner is not supported by the structure.

Also, life along with a belief system that consists solely of assumptions and suggestions of evolution and the liberation through a savior, cannot create this specific experience, but it is also an important contribution toward the experience of wholeness.

It is fairly easy to recognize the consciousness of a self. To look at one’s hand, moving the view upward the arm, to the shoulder, then mentally up the neck to the head and asking oneself the question, why am I doing this? Why do I want to identify the self? These questions are already reaching to the inner of the self. And if the external does not bother the consciousness anymore – with closed eyes for example – when one plays out the imagination, fantasy, and personal affectations, is this the inward contribution of the consciousness to the concert of the life of a self. There the inner is to experience and only there the transformative experience of wholeness can be perceived in timelessness. It is so direct and is permanently available because it is part of the self.

The signals of these characters reach into the mind of the body through the eyes or ears and are processed based on the local context of knowledge of the language. They get enriched with impressions to understand exactly this here in the now. This enriched composition is the decoded sense of this sentence that gets synthesized and is going to be transmitted to the highest frequent location where the consciousness is located in this particular moment. This is the connection to the timeless immortal consciousness of the self.

To get a better sense of the self, it is helpful to observe the self. Before the merge, the consciousness clarified the circumstances of what should be experienced through the body. Prior to the merge, it modulated the DNA via its source code and coded talents and preferences in it. Along with the observation of how to position in the life situations, these are the good hints even when they are acquired and conditioned in this life in the environment of Terra within time and space.

To find a deeper sense of existence and rise into wholeness is the transformative experience that the consciousness strives to. And this, because the consciousness is indeed emerged from this wholeness out of an inexhaustible intelligence, immortal, equally and of the same stuff of wholeness that is known as the source of all creation. Once born from this source the consciousness can never die. It is also not possible to refuse or to withdraw from the highest frequency that is the core identity of the consciousness. Deep inside this knowledge is available and at least there is only the question of the reason for the individualization left.

As soon as the other parts are ready, we will add the proper links. Meanwhile, feel free to download the book in PDF format in the following “Download” buttons.


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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