About the crash of a UFO in Magé/Rio de Janeiro (May 13, 2020)

This article was published on May 15, 2020, and refers to the episode of the crash of a UFO in Majé/RJ – Brazil – that occurred on May 13, 2020.

The UFO that crashed at Magé/RJ was a spaceship of the negative alien faction that tried to escape from planet Earth and was shot down. There are non-positive races hidden in various caves and in the vicinity of the Earth’s interior next to negative fractions.

The media may begin to ridicule and say it’s everything but a spaceship. Maybe they want to fake pictures. They have already contacted some media organs, magazines, etc., that speak of UFOs to refute the case and say that it was obviously anything but an alien spaceship. In return, they offer free access to the area and other things… Unless there is a fair amount of pressure from the people for them to tell the truth, otherwise they will make fun of it as usual. Don’t be surprised if they start talking about a piece of a satellite having fallen, because that was the first thought of those who wanted to sweep the case under the table. It’s quite possible that another so-called “expert” will come along and uncover the case and say that it was anything but a spaceship. Unless the pressure of people for them to tell the truth actually happens.

It is a three-man spaceship of the Orion star system. The Earth’s protective grid, which is activated by the forces of light, now prevents any escape. No one of the negative forces leaves the planet anymore, no matter how hard they try. It is a measure to capture all negative forces.

The spaceship was shot down by the Protective Magnetic Field after several warnings from the Ashtar Command were sent, trying to refrain them from the escape attempt. They were not shot down by the Brazilian Army/Air Force or from abroad like the Americans. In the spaceship were Reptilians of the negative faction (I also want to emphasize again and again that not all Reptilians or Dracos are negative, but those in the spaceship were from the negative group). In fact, these negative beings have been trying to escape from the planet since the moment they realized the inexorable approach of what is called “The Event” or “Solar Flash”. The spaceship broke down and tried to return to its starting point when it crashed. The malfunction rendered the spaceship inoperable and unable to cloak in this reality. If I say that it was shot down, it was only because it was trying to escape, and anyone who tries is held back by the Protective Magnetic Field.

No satellite, no space debris. They will try to make the same old excuses, but humanity has awakened and no longer believes in these old excuses. When the Military, Air Force, or any military organ comes up with the old excuse “it wasn’t a UFO”, once again they are not telling the truth.

The spaceship left the inner earth through one of the caves in the hills of Rio de Janeiro.

The authorities responsible for these situations immediately sent their agents to solve the case and certainly to falsify/eliminate the information in some way. I hope that there will really be mass pressure on them not to allow this to happen again. Drones were sent to fly over the area and were shot down by the military presence there.

I – Gabriel RL – know that I could suffer reprisals for revealing this, but I don’t mind. I have come to tell the truth and I am authorized to do so. So, as promised, I will speak about what happened. I am providing this information at the request of the Ashtar Command itself. I remind everyone that you are free to believe whatever you want and I am transmitting directly the information that was provided to me by the forces of light.

Yesterday, shortly after I started some small posts on Facebook, Ashtar contacted me and asked me to start a live video to talk about the case. For those who haven’t seen it live and/or want to review everything I talked about, the video is here:

In Portuguese only: “Sobre a queda do “OVNI” em Magé/RJ”

It is important to stress that – as I always say – not all reptilians and dracos are negative, nor are all military and government officials. In these institutions, there are both positive and negative factions. There are also military and government officials who are connected with the Armed Forces of Light, and they will try to bring the Light of Truth to the events, while those of the negative faction will try to silence them.

I myself have also been threatened for some time with phone calls and messages like “If you continue, you may not return home one day when you leave…”. – To which I replied: “My home is the universe, and you cannot prevent me from coming and going. Take me away from Earth and I will come back as often as I have to.”

That is why I transmit this information with all the truth in my heart, and I don’t care if I am attacked or ridiculed. It does not affect me. I will continue to bring the truth to light.

~ Suposta queda de OVNI em Magé (RJ) intriga brasileiros e ganha memes:

~ UFO Over Magé, Brazil Sparks Social Media Panic and Conspiracies:

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessing,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

~ May 15, 2020 – Sobre a queda do “OVNI” em Magé/RJ:


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