Ashtar – “Intensified DNA Upgrade – Phase 1: Observe the Dust”

Please, dear ones, read this message listening to the song referred below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

History of Creation’s Soundtrack


Greetings, Dear Family!,

It’s good to be here again. I am very happy about this further moment for this short message. Your DNA is being updated in an accelerated manner. This is quite obvious, I know. How much has been going on while this is happening, you know! It was programmed. This is a time of rebirth for you. Many things are being released from your akashic: memories, feelings, visions, emotions… Everything needs to come out for you to look at… You finally need to look at these things. You will no longer be able to keep it inside of you. I have been warning about this in my most recent messages. It is your moment to look deeply into yourself. Nothing will remain hidden in your unconscious anymore.

This intense actualization process that you are going through now will trigger all of this and enable you to be more sensitive to our presence. Many of you feel bad that you don’t see us as you would like to and/or that you don’t have some sensitivity to perceive us, around you. First of all, dear ones, I need to say that all of you, without exception, can feel us through your love connection. But I must also say that sometimes this is hindered by the denser layers that are on top of you, layers that will rightly begin to be released now with the actualization underway. These layers are often not even from you directly. They are from the planet itself, the vibrations of the planet that have been there for eons, and you, with your tremendous compassion, have chosen to assist by lending your own energetic fields to serve as transmuting force fields. That is amazing and noble! And of course, when it comes to “your part” in these layers, we have the following.

DNA Upgrade

1) For many ages, you have accumulated various things, and much of this has been stored in your deepest being. Deep hurts! And now, the upgrade will help you release these layers so that your sensitivity can begin to return.

2) The interference that your DNA has suffered since eons by non-confederate civilizations has also “atrophied” – so to speak – the potential of your DNA. This I don’t need to explain in more detail.

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Some people expect the DNA upgrade to be something extremely complex, and it is not, but at the same time it has its delicate details. Try to observe with simplicity, because therein lies the key to speeding everything up, in a loving and precise way.

First, we need to give energetic “injections” into your vibratory fields, so as to cause some “shaking” in all these fields. It is as if we were shaking out a rug that has spent a long time in a closed house. It has certainly accumulated some dust! So this “shaking” is necessary to happen in your energetic fields. Remembering that all of this is happening with your consent because we could do nothing without your authorization.

Second, after this “shaking up”, you will certainly begin to have an emotional upheaval; dreams, sensations, visions, etc… Everything you imagine could happen, because this movement will make you face what was forgotten and stored in your unconscious. We don’t judge you for that, ever! You have been through many things there, and it is, shall we say, “normal” that you want to run away from painful memories and traumas. But… now you can’t. No more, because now you are ready to face it all. It is a great healing point here, and you will feel lighter and lighter afterward.

And third, as the dust rises to be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner – and in the meantime, you see it all right in front of you – we can then enter with the direct adjustment in your DNA, putting the ideal “oil” in the gears that were blocked by the dust, the sabotages, etc… Do you understand? But then there is another point. After the dust is sucked off, and after the oil is put on, it will slowly start turning until it is fully and perfectly functional. This takes time; it is not “overnight”. It needs time, and you need to be patient. It is like a coma patient who has spent a long time immobile, and when he regains consciousness, you cannot force him to walk with full dominance of his physical faculties. It needs time for all the “recalibration” to happen naturally, smoothly, until it fully engages.

You are at the stage now of observing the dust that we shake off. I know that some of you are wanting to run away from this dust because it seems really hard to deal with it, it is painful and unbearable. But wait, please, don’t close your eyes to it. You have to see it. It will be all right. You have to trust your mentors, your team that is with you. You are not alone in this! The more you observe this dust, and the more your loving lucidity expresses itself in facing it, the more the vacuum cleaner definitely sucks it into the eternal enlightened akashic, the great database of lived experiences.

Synchronicities and matching numbers on clocks

Certainly, many of you are having troubled dreams; many memories of distant times are returning. This is exactly what I am talking about: what was stored is being observed now, by you, more consciously. You are being called more in the ascension hours, for instance, 11:11, 12:12, 14:14, 15:15… And these are just a few examples of the synchronicities that you have been seeing. These are warnings, dear ones, these are sacred commands for your awakening. You have programmed special keys for your time of awakening, and when you see these synchronicities, even if your conscious doesn’t quite understand, your unconscious knows exactly what is being said. Go with the flow!

Changes in your life

In addition, you are noticing the withdrawal of certain friendships, sudden changes of direction, transformations in general in your particular environment. Yes, this is also part, dear ones, of your DNA adjustments. While all this adjustment is taking place, naturally, your vibratory frequency changes, and so does everything around you. So, everything that is no longer compatible with your experience will begin to take new directions. You will begin to see yourself differently and to notice changes in your tastes for various things.

It is very common if, for example, you have spent your whole life liking vegetable soup, and all of a sudden you don’t even want to see it anymore, and now you prefer bean soup. This is something that you need to look at more carefully because, sometimes, you still get into resistance… “I always liked the vegetable soup, why don’t I want it now? I LIKE VEGETABLE SOUP!” So when you eat what is no longer good for you you feel a certain inner discomfort. A vegetable soup is wonderful (smile)!

But I want you to understand what I mean more intimately. I am not talking about the soup itself, but about the internal changes in you. Learn to respect them, because they are part of your transformation and you need to be aware of them. Go with the flow!

Adjustments in your diet

Another point that I need to talk about is the animal protein diet. There will also be a drastic decrease in animal protein foods, and here I need to emphasize two things:

1) We are not judging or condemning those who eat in such a way; our intention is not to judge you. Never! If you still eat in such a way, a great process will begin, and this urge will begin to diminish until you simply don’t want it anymore. This is also part of your DNA adjustment. We see many of you blaming yourselves for still consuming animal protein. You need to remember that there is an ancestral lineage, in many cases a genetic history of your ancestors who ate animal protein, and this is passed down from generation to generation. So don’t blame yourself if you feel like it. Understand this point. You are expanding in compassion and Love, and this will affect your will and everything around you. Your eating habits will change, not because you have forced a change, but simply because your frequency will be different. If you can’t stop at the moment, give thanks with all your heart when you consume it, leaving your luminous vibrations of gratitude. This will help the reprogramming process all over the planet.

2) Those who no longer consume animal protein, do not judge those who are still in the process of changing their diet. Don’t forget that you too once fed on animal protein, whether in this or another existence. The internal guilt in many is already too painful. Judgments don’t help, dears! Of course, it goes without saying that everyone needs to have compassion for each other, including the animals who donate their lives so that their bodies can be protein for food. But it is important, without a doubt, to “join hands” and know that all of you, regardless of food or anything else, are moving towards the same point. The vibrations are rising, and soon there will be a reshaping of the planetary way of eating. Not because people were forced to stop eating meat or because they were forced to eat for some reason, but because the frequency will change, completely, and it will be something natural. I need to emphasize on behalf of the Command I represent: if you judge a brother who eats meat and feel better than him for not eating, there is still something you need to see inside yourself, and if you judge him for not eating meat because you think it is “silly” and a “health risk” not to eat, you need to review some things inside yourself as well. All this, in the midst of updating your DNA, will be “accounted for.” There are things that you don’t know yet, at the deepest level. So refrain from judgments so that they will not turn against you. You have already received sacred teachings on this: “Let he who has not made a mistake cast the first stone.”

Concentration as time speeds up and everything becomes more vibrant

One of the things you will notice most in the midst of all this great refreshing is that you will also be seeing more vibrant colors: the plants, nature, the sky, everything will be more vividly colored. You yourself, as you remove the denser layers, will feel lighter and have a greater ability to focus. Obviously, some of you will now say that you are having difficulty concentrating, and yes, that too is part of the process. Don’t despair or blame yourself for anything. This is a time for inner acceptance, for observing and analyzing yourself, lovingly. Don’t run away from even your densest shadows. This is a great moment. So observe the dust. Every grain. This is it! There will not be another moment. Enjoy the zone of space that you are immersed in, with an incalculable amount of photons that is helping this whole process.

I know also that many are complaining about the lack of time to execute what you need: “Ashtar, time is passing too fast!”. Oh, yes (laughs), I know! Interesting, isn’t it? That is also part of it. We already warned about this. Neva, please leave some material on this.

~ Não temos mais 24 horas nos nossos dias:

Dear Ones, you will begin to have even more of a feeling that time is moving too fast, or that some time slots are faster (or slower) than others, and this is also part of the DNA upgrade, but in this case, it’s of Gaia’s DNA. She is also going through the same processes as you. She is also going through the same processes as you. She asked the Creator for this. Everything you have experienced, she has also experienced. Do you think it doesn’t hurt her to see her flora and fauna being destroyed by the greed of the human ego? And do you think it doesn’t hurt her to see that many who do this are in extreme inner pain and the only way they can ask for help is this? This is a moment of mutual compassion, dear ones! And whoever understands the deep meaning of my words will be able to relieve the inner tensions a little more.

Healing low self-esteem

There is also an increase in low self-esteem for many, in discouragement, in depression. Know that the mercy of the Creator is sending Legions of Holy Angels to Earth to help all these souls and all of you on all levels. But know that just as you are receiving this help, you also need to help, and again… Beginning with non-judgment. Part of the chaos on the existing planet is because of the judgment of many, the non-understanding of one another. I always speak in my messages of the importance of respect for differences, beliefs, and so on. We see the low vibrations when you get into discussions sometimes initiated by simple things like “who came first, the chicken or the egg?” I know this sounds funny, but often dense discussions start there and we see entities that sustain these densities feeding off the vibratory chaos installed there in the discussion.

Lightworkers and Warriors of Light! Pay attention to your vibrations! Today everything you do, everything you think, all your movements are watched much more than ever before. Those who do not wish you to go through the ascension process are waiting for the slightest slip to further delay your process. Remember: You are the Federation and the Ashtar Command incarnate on Earth and largely responsible for every transformation of the planet.

This is your great time of healing, time of elevation, and realignment with your subtler fields. Old baggage needs to be let go of, lovingly, so that you can go lighter. No longer carry burdens that you know you no longer need to carry. Listen to the voice of your heart. Listen to our voice that echoes through the synchronicities and various signals we have been sending, directly or indirectly. I want you to know, once again, that you are extremely important in this whole process. If we have reached this great turning point, everything that is happening is because you have done it. Join hands, regardless of differences, and walk together. This way, obviously, it will go faster.

You know that what was spoken of long ago is also in progress. The “separation of the wheat from the chaff” is underway, right here, right now. You know it.


In closing, we at Ashtar Command will be doing a brief display with our ships in a particular region at a particular time later this year (2021). Certainly, you have already seen several fleets showing themselves to you, recently. This is just the beginning of the “show”. Let’s take it slow, smooth, but forward. There is much to do yet, and the team in space and on Earth is ready. Can I count on you?

Oh, and as I know you will ask, “Ashtar, what about the Virus!?” I’ll tell you right now, “Observe the dust…” And be ready to see more than you imagined when it subsides, fully. Even though you have been warned a lot about what has been happening, you will still be surprised at everything that is happening. Observe the dust… Observe…

I am the voice of the Ashtar Command and I speak these truths.

And so it is.


Your brother,

~ Ashtar


That’s as far as Jesus allows me to see and convey.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

~ May 5, 2021: Ashtar – “A Atualização Intensificada do DNA – Fase 1: Observar a Poeira”


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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