SaLuSa – “Ten years”

Dears, SaLuSa asked me to leave this song below to be heard at the time of the reading of this message. I recommend that you read the message out loud while the music plays in the background.

Soundtrack – Ashtar – SaLuSa

Neva: Jesus Divine and beloved Master, blessed Light emanating from God the Father-Mother All-Powerful, beloved cosmic force assisting us and aligning us, constantly, with all our galactic heritage and keeping us attuned in this dimension, even though with all the noises here present… Our gratitude, our full gratitude!!!

My dear friend SaLuSA, from so long ago (Neva cries)! Gratitude for your presence, for your luminosity, for initially taking my hand with the great Ashtar and walking with all my expressions, on this planet. In the name of Jesus, my voice for the truth, nothing but the truth, for my sacred oath to serve the Light, in truth, is all yours, my master, my dear!

SaLuSa: Ten years, really, how many experiences! You came in at exactly the range we had hoped for. You incarnated at just the right moment. I remember… When I first met Neva in the spiritual city of Shamballa, it was so exciting for me, too. At that time, she, still as Gabriel, was asking for loving permission from the Great Karmic Council of Earth for the anchoring of the vortex on the Planet. Yes, there was such a need, for indeed, the Light would be anchored powerfully and would directly affect the Karma present on the planet, especially that of the Starseeds. There is a Law on the planet that coordinates all this. There is an order here and there is the respect of all of us with all the hierarchies on Earth that coordinate the incarnational processes on mother Gaia. There was a need for this permission because the anchoring of the vortex would trigger a drastic acceleration of karmic healings and other processes that perhaps not everyone was ready for yet.

But here you are, my dears! You were ready for this acceleration! Well said Luis, initially, about his processes, Neva and all of you. Who of you here didn’t feel the intense processes too much right at or near the two thousand and twelve (2012) marker? You guys needed to move some things forward. You needed to heal things faster! You needed to anchor your mastery right at that point and right now if you have been going through it, at this point in time, that was and is the initial preparation for this great work.

You were the pioneers of this initial anchoring that would reverberate for years to come, and it will continue, as more people will come and feel the same way that you felt at the beginning of your awakening. And now you can help more effectively because you have been there. You are more than ready to help. All of you! Even though now many of you are going through the calibration, right at this point, things are already much accelerated and more subtle, because these ten years have ensured that smoothness, right to this point, now. That is amazing! We are very happy. There is more Light coming to Earth! There are more Portals opening, and you Starseeds are making sure that this happens more effectively. Karma is finalizing all over the planet. Will it take more years? Decades? Does it matter? Know that it is faster than ever before because there is also more Light now than ever before. That already answers that question.

I am SaLuSA of Sirius, as a spokesperson for the Galactic Federation, together, at this time, with the Ascended and Angelic Masters assisting this egregore, we bless and thank you for your continued deliveries and dedication of service to assisting souls in need of Light and recognitions of your galactic lineages. There is more coming, much more! You are not even halfway through the first thirty-three-year phase scheduled for this initial step. You have achieved everything in these first ten years, imagine in the next twenty-three? you will be even lighter for sure. You are in an atypical year, but guess what? You needed to be there, also at this point to bring peace, confidence to those who cannot yet understand what is happening. You are the Light, all of you! The Light, at this moment, the caring, the understanding, the wisdom, the mastery! They will look at you and feel peace because you will emit that peace.

Don’t forget: whatever happens, stay centered in your hearts! Whatever happens!

Selatherin A-al Arjaten!

(In Sirian: Because Yes. We Are All ONE!)

Be in peace,

Stay in the Light!

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

~ July 13, 2021 – SaLuSa – “Dez anos”:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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