FA-EN144 – The Inviolable Mastery in the midst of pain

There are countless Systems of Worlds that are experiencing or have already experienced periods of energetic transition, similar to what is happening now on planet Earth. In this period, these worlds receive many supporting energies so that their transition occurs in the most harmonious way possible. However, as much as there is support on all fronts, the transition process is usually very painful, for everything needs to be reconfigured into a New Energy and the old energy inside and outside of beings is not usually easily delivered. This is an active process, and energy expenditures are constantly involved.

On this planet, many beings have made themselves available for certain missions on the surface. Missions that would require of them great baggage of previous experiences. The mission of being an envoy from Heaven with a task to perform and not to deviate from it for any reason. As previously mentioned, this master missionary needs to have an Akashic who will sustain all that “weight”, because when he/she enters and begins his/her mission, all the forces contrary to this mission will immediately begin their massive work to prevent the mission from being accomplished, because once this task is accomplished and the force is anchored on the planet, a great amount of Light is emitted into the Crystalline grid and this will remain uninterruptedly radiating to the inhabitants of the planet.

Extremely accurate programming is made so that a certain mission is carried out and has the expected result. An “analysis”, among the great masters who make themselves available for the mission, is made. There is a holographic reality chamber, almost 100% accurate in relation to the experiences lived in worlds in transition, similar to Earth. These volunteers are submitted, inside them, there is a bombardment of forms-thoughts, emotions, and energies similar to those they will find in those planes of existence. This test is subdivided into 3 distinct phases.

In the first phase, situations that this being will face, related to her/his soul program, are presented in an intensified way. It is shown how she/he will behave and what her/his possible reactions will be in the face of the challenges to which she/he will be exposed in life. In a linear way, to facilitate the understanding, for each reaction presented by the being before its vicissitudes, a “score”, which is directly linked to what would be the “ideal” for its mission, is automatically generated and this will be counted at the end of the other phases.

After the conclusion of the first phase in the simulator, the being will be exposed to the second. In this phase, all the beings and energies that will be “against” him/her during his/her mission are presented to the individual. The intense spiritual persecutions to which she/he will be submitted will be shown, the energies that will try to drag him/her to his/her own end, and finally, the will, intention, and action of countless beings, incarnate and disincarnate, so that there will be a complete failure of his/her mission. As in the first phase, here also happens the automatic generation of a “score” according to the reactions that the being expresses.

Passing on, the master in test, through this further phase, is then presented the third. In this phase, the being is exposed to an intense “romantic” relationship of great affective or emotional connection. However, in a moment of her/his mission, this romantic connection will be the “watershed” between following the mission or not, because in great part it is necessary for the being to detach him/herself from that context in order to be able to jump to other lines where his/her mission awaits him/her to be continued. E.g.: Imagine a missionary being who is developing, with all dedication and commitment, his/her missionary task in his/her incarnation, however, her/his loving partner (in the romantic sense), does not agree with her/his work in this mission, or even, does not believe and/or disdains his/her work and asks her/him to choose between being with him/her or following this work that you have been doing. Notice that here, there is an expressive bifurcation. What to choose? Your mission, that you feel strongly in your heart, or to stay with that being that you are so physically attached to, that you are in love with? Many stay at this fork in the road.

In most cases, the movement of detachment from that which tries to limit you is the impulse enough for you to meet those loving souls who have a great energetic affinity or who have a great kinship with the soul. Encounters of kindred souls, twins, etc. This is the crucial point, to remain in the old energy with which you are familiar or to move forward, unified to your real love, and thus to continue your mission of anchoring the new consciousness in the environment where you are? It is clear that a constellation of challenges will be between being and this important decision. From the reactions to these questions, a “score” is also generated here.

At the end of the three phases, the “scores” are counted and the sum can have a total of at most 100 and at least 99.5 so that the master has passed the holographic reality simulator test. If the being has not passed the first test, a new attempt is offered to her/him, however, the intensity of the test is doubled. Everything that has been challenged in the first test will be doubly intensified in the second test to ensure that, if the being has passed the test, it is his/her real ability to deal with that type of situation that his/her mission will expose him/her to. One example of being a missionary who incarnated on the earthly plane and only passed the second test was King Solomon.

A remark is necessary here: To pass the simulator test is no guarantee that the missionary will be able to carry out his/her mission with inviolable mastery since many who have passed the simulator have descended (incarnated) and lost themselves in the pain of this reality. No matter how precise the holographic simulator is, nothing compares to direct immersion in this reality.

In this context, the code FA-EN144 enters, which is a consecration that the being receives, absorbs to her/his luggage, after executing her/his missions in an impeccable way, even crossing oceans and bottomless wells of pain, despair, anguish, hopelessness, fear, etc. This consecration is one more energetic package given to the being so that the pains and energies that could previously gain access to her/him, and possibly destabilize her/him, no longer influence her/him negatively. It is a kind of shield to these energies. Some beings descend to their missions already in possession of this consecration, others descend lacking some percentages to complete their momentum of this energy and during their mission, they must accumulate enough energy in order to then receive it. FA-EN144 confers on the being who possesses it, the direct connection with the 144 faces of his/her monadic group, absorbing for him/herself, the qualities and the strength of this group, becoming one with her/him.

A quantum symbol has been channeled which represents this consecration. It is the symbol that illustrates this publication.

P1 has cited in its NOTES that the Consecrations are in progress:

~ March 5, 2018 – Note 521 – P1:

This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)


~ July 6, 2021 – The Consecrations, Pes.Symbol & Cosmobiografie:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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