Ashtar – “2022 and Its Potentials”

Please, dear ones, read this message listening to the song referred below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

Ashtar’s Soundtrack

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2022 and Its Potentials

It’s good to be here again. We are on a new big marker. You have once again managed to pass through a large door. So many times, they who try, have wished for your annihilation. They have tried, but without success, to nullify your progress so many times, and with no good results for them! At most, only some delays that even ended up helping us in our dynamics.

My dear Confederates on Earth, representatives of the highest spiritual host of determined beings! Yes, to get where you are right now, takes more than willpower; it takes determination at all levels! You have gone through, and are still going through, one of your greatest trials while in this physical environment, but it is already ending. You will notice it.

I said at the beginning of the year 2021 that you would be safer and that you would face challenges, many of them, but that you would be safe and confident in yourselves, above all, and that nothing would bring you down, and… Well, here you are, again, in body and spirit, for another year of your history on Earth! It’s been a challenging year, especially for you who are in the front lines, I know. My beloved channeller knows that, don’t you? (Neva is thrilled!…) Take a breath! Take a gentle pause and let’s continue…

This year, dear ones, have put you to the test on so many levels, and I have said this before. I told you it would be like this, but look, look how much you have expanded emotionally! See how much you gave up on things that no longer made sense to you! So much! For some of you, I know it was extremely difficult to let go of old patterns, but you did it. And here we are at the doorstep of 2022, as a year that I will call The Great Portal of Crossing!

The Massive Double Crossing

Yes, dear ones, this is the year of the great crossing… And don’t be alarmed when I say that there will be many souls returning home this year, not because of any Apocalypse; not because of that, but simply because it is their time. I say this before you ask me if it is because of the current viral situation, and I tell you no! I will say more about this below.

This will also be the year with the largest number of human births ever recorded, and you will be able to see this at its end. And why is this so? Because it is the beginning of the definitive shift of humanity into the new track, the track of complete regeneration! More Starseeds are ready to incarnate, coming from the most diverse and varied sectors of the galaxy and beyond! There will be many births of twins, triplets, quadruplets… Moms and Dads, get ready! (Smile!…)

There is great preparation in the Spiritual Planes at this time for these descents. Many of you, who are physically holding this Light on the Planet right now, have also been instrumental in this. You have been in demand this year because you have had to hold more Light than, how would I say, is normal. Why is that? Well… You know about all the terror that has been unleashed upon you, all the emotional chaos that the global society has experienced due to the viral trap that was released. While many went into emotional despair, you had to balance and anchor more Light so that a minimum of balance would be present, so that those who wish for your annihilation would not have absolute success, and here we are to tell you that you have once again managed to nullify another mass extermination event!

And while they try to leave your Planet aware of their mission failures, I, personally, am in charge of capturing them and taking them aboard the Great Ethical Council of the Galaxy. I have already told you to leave this to me. I will honor this part. None of them will leave the Planet on escape routes, either through its North and South Poles or through any other portal anywhere on the Planet. I myself have tasked my team to monitor every strategic exit, and an escape is absolutely impossible. Meanwhile, enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, in the certainty that they cannot go any further than they already have gone, no matter how hard their propaganda keeps trying to say otherwise. It is useless.

The Year of Quantum Therapists and The Noises at Night

This is a year in which you will also be asked for Faith! Faith in others, in your brothers and sisters, Faith in the Supreme Creator, Faith in Us, and above all, Faith in yourselves! You will need to believe more in yourself, in your own potentials, in your own expanding capabilities!

Quantum Therapists, this will be your year! This is the year in which you will be extremely called to work, more than ever before! Emotional and spiritual health will need to be adjusted and you will be sought out on all levels, physical and etheric, as many souls leaving their bodies will also seek you out to cross over to the more subtle planes.

And here is something interesting: have you been noticing more noises at night when you go to sleep or in the middle of the night? Well, that is interesting… It is a sign of the intertwining of dimensions! Yes, this dimensional crossover is happening and the dimensional veil that separates the dimensions is thinning greatly and, this year, it will be thinner than ever before. Don’t be scared. This is part of the process. Just as you on the physical plane will be more easily seen by those from other parallel dimensions, so a “ghost” in the middle of the night may very well not be a ghost, but another version of yourself. This is part of the dimensional unification process. This is the way, this is your future! The merging of your selves into the Greater Self! But I also need to say that they may be souls in search of your loving directions! Have patience and love with them. They see you as Portals of Light!

The DNA Upgrade Continues…

As I told you recently in a previous message I delivered to this channeler about the upgrading of your DNA (See Ashtar – “Intensified DNA Upgrade – Phase 1: Observe the Dust”), this process will obviously continue, and other adjustments beyond – as in the great synchronization of your three brains. This will be more intense in 2022 because it is also the year of alignment, not coincidentally. Neva, please append your text here talking about this topic and that will be more than enough for them to understand this point (See Rafael – “Synchronizing our Three Brains”).

The Adjustments in Relationships

Another point that this new year will continue to bring to you is the need for adjustments in your relationships, whether they are affectionate relationships, family relationships, or friendly relationships… You will have to finish the unfinished, and you will be pulled to do so, inevitably.

In the last two years you have already experienced “forced” proximity to your loved ones by spending more time indoors, with your family members, face to face, under the same roof, and, well, you know! A lot of things came to light, didn’t they? They were things in storage that seemed to have already been finalized, and then suddenly, “whoa!” Here they are being discussed.

Well, that also had to happen, because you cannot go through the Great Portal to your ascension with pending issues, and that is not our rule. It is something you have determined for yourselves! It is something of your own making, and that is great! Clear house for the new experiences! So, let’s go! Let’s get to work! Pick up the phone if you need to. Call the people you feel you need to adjust some things. If there is still some discomfort, anger, resentment, sorrow, or whatever, or simply meditate lovingly connecting with the Universal Forces so that the Universe can bring about the synchronicities for these adjustments! And believe me: this will happen one way or another, and it needs to happen for your own emotional and physical health. Your bodies can’t take any more emotional burdens, traumas, sorrows; your livers need to release the anger; your esophagus and throat need to release the revolts and anguish. It is about time!

The Physical Pains of Transition

Many of you have been feeling pains lately, pains that not even the most sophisticated exams in your laboratories can solve. You feel it, you go to the doctor, they ask for some exams, and, well… There is nothing there, absolutely nothing that they can explain to you.

Then you turn to the quantum therapists, “New Age Therapists, here you come in once again!” Well, here are the explanations! Past traumas, emotional stress, spiritual obsessions due to low vibration attunements, fears, insecurities, anger, etc… Or they are simply your bodies’ efforts to adapt to the new vibrations of Light, – the Sacred Codes coming from the Center of the Galaxy – and this Light comes down, opening up space, completely, in all the blocked zones. This may also cause you some physical discomfort, and the more resistance you have to these receptions, the more discomfort you will feel simply because it is necessary, and for your own good.

You have heard this before! The more you resist, the harder it will be! So let it flow. Let go of what needs to go, let go of burdens, forgive others, forgive yourself, love others, love yourself! Let go of the old ways, the old habits, and open up to something that is innate to you: Love! You are not there to learn how to Love, but to remember what Love is! Because you have forgotten it! The traumas of life on the Planet have made you forget and all the efforts of the Light Forces to help you is to remind you again of who you are and of your potential, dear ones! And yes, many times it will hurt, hurt to the point that you think you are getting sick, but no! This may be the Light asking for passage! After a long time in darkness, when you see the Light you will feel great discomfort in your eyes, but soon you will get used to it and merge into the Light! And that is what is going to happen. This is what is happening right here, right now, at this very moment!

The Potentials for Gaia’s Body

Let’s talk about the Planet itself! Yes, the Earth will undergo necessary adjustments in 2022, but again, don’t be scared! This is also part of it! The Pacific Ocean will be more active this year. Coastal areas, be aware! Watch for signs from nature, the heavens, and the seas themselves. The recalibration of Gaia’s body continues, as does every human body.

The Planet’s Kundalini will be in intense activity and this may bring volcanic upheavals to the old continent. We are also present to minimize and/or even nullify some of the more intensive effects, as much as possible. The most sensitive bands are being monitored by our best Stellar Scientists, Sidereal Engineers, and Physicality Experts. These are processes that, just as your bodies are releasing certain energies, Gaia will also be releasing them. It is something necessary. Essential, actually. Just have Faith. Trust. It’s all right.

Another Step in Your Direction

This will also be the year in which we take another step towards you, and I am quick to say again, “not as your saviors, but as your friends for eons.” And obviously, we are taking this step because you are also taking it when you trust, love, and dedicate yourselves.

Dear ones, when you can see, when you give yourself the opportunity to feel beyond your five senses, you will perceive very clearly a powerful Universe of endless Love within you. An inexhaustible and powerful source that will guide you to unlimited peace and abundance. You are getting there. Never forget that many times, it may seem as if nothing is changing, and again I invite you to look back 10 years: where were you? What were you doing? What was your level of consciousness back then? Is there anything you would not do again today that you did 10 years ago? Yes… I know so, and so do you! This is evolution! It’s consciousness expansion, and you can’t deny it!

The Old Prophecies

The 1944 prophecy of Peter Deunov regarding earth changes and the beginning of a golden age

I am very happy with this additional moment for our brief message. Your DNA is being updated at an accelerated pace. This is pretty obvious, I know. How much has been going on while this is happening, you know! It was all programmed. This is a time of rebirth for you. Many things are being released from your Akashic record: memories, feelings, visions, emotions… Everything needs to come to the surface for you to look at them. You need to look. You will no longer be able to keep them inside. I have been warning about this in my most recent messages. It is your moment to take a deep look at yourself. Nothing will remain hidden in your unconscious anymore.

I want to talk a little bit about the old prophecies! Dear ones, much is said about the end times and how it will come into existence! Obviously, over the centuries, versions have been brought to you of what this would be like in all sorts of ways, from the fiery apocalypse to floods, and even the perverse “alien” invasion! Oh, dear ones, how many times do we need to tell you that the Creator does not wish your annihilation and that we are here to guarantee it? God’s Love for you is much greater than you can even imagine! He loves you without limits, and we are here as witnesses to that Truth! “Oh! a meteor will come and destroy the Planet!” Oh, no…. We are here patrolling your skies, your Solar System! Do you really think this would happen, randomly? Or do you think that if such a celestial body were to come towards you for your annihilation, we would not intervene? We have done this before, dear ones! Look at your social networks. You will see videos of us in activity pushing meteors away from falling to the ground, in the middle of big cities. This will not happen!

Of course, many of you may be wondering why we haven’t intervened elsewhere, and I’ve talked about this before, and I’ll reiterate: there are situations that are up to you, directly, because you also need to know that you are capable! Start by stopping giving too much power to the outside and feeling inferior to others, to the point where you put yourself completely in their hands. You need to look at your own potentials! And as I said, this is the year for that!

Current Viral Situation

The current viral situation, as I said, will be circumvented and is already being circumvented. This will be when you least expect it, and in an abrupt way. The solution already exists, and you need to know that it is about to manifest in physicality, and you need to trust yourselves, in the Light of your hearts, to do it! Do not be afraid! You are not alone! Also do not disbelieve the capacity of your bodies, the potential of your spirit to recalibrate itself, to find solutions, and to regenerate itself! This is the year of Faith! As I said, you need to look for and follow that Faith! You will see! You will see!

About World War

There were years when I feared for human reactions. I feared not because I was afraid of you, but because of what your levels of consciousness could do and unleash, harming yourself and others. Two World Wars! Nuclear explosions… And here I am as I promised, to prevent a Third World War, and so it will be. There will not be a Third World War, and no matter how hard they try, I give you my word: THERE WILL NOT BE. Those who hold the warheads know about us. They all know of our presence. They know that we will not allow any warheads to be launched into another environment for mass destruction. This will not be allowed. And they will still try to do that. They will also try to make you believe that it happened. But, no! It won’t happen! It really won’t happen because I myself, Ashtar, am in charge of monitoring them. “Can you disarm any warheads?”. Oh, yes, we can. I have already done this. And I will do it as many more times as necessary.

The Sorting

And finally, dear ones: Don’t be afraid of the pruning, the sorting, which is taking place. It is also necessary! It is fundamental! There is a frequency recalibration taking place across the Planet, in all dimensions. A signal has been sent from the Galactic Center for this, and this will move a lot of things around. There will really be a lot of “push-and-pull”, more dynamism, more news, and changes in environments. You are being reborn, completely. Even though you are incarnated, you are being reborn! You are going through an ascension process still in the physical body, and everything, everything has been felt, seen, perceived, and is part of it! Many may feel that reality is a little “strange” right now, and feel as if you are living in a dream or something, and even more: as if you are not recognizing your own bodies! This, in many cases, is also part of the recalibration. You are being reborn and ascending into higher vibrations, as the realities are also intertwining into the ultimate alignment of Oneness.

Just calm down and enjoy the journey. Everything is part of it. It is something unique in the Galaxy, we have talked about it before! Just enjoy the journey and the view… And by the way, yes… some stars will look different in the time to come. The journey of the Solar System to Sirius continues… And we, as guardians, follow closely.

As I have told you before, “observe the dust from the road,” and be ready to see more than you imagined when it subsides, fully. Even though you have been warned a lot about what has been happening, you will still be surprised at everything that is happening. Observe the dust… Observe…

I am the voice of the Ashtar Command and I speak these truths.

And so it is.


Your brother,

~ Ashtar


That’s as far as Jesus allows me to see and convey.

In Love, Light, and Humanity,

~ Neva (Rafael/Gabriel RL)

~ January 6, 2022: Ashtar – “2022 e seus potenciais”:

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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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