Love does not judge

Hihanni was’te maka oyate,

At the moment I still see a lot of negative posts and comments regarding involutive forces.

Whatever these men and women (and involutive beings) can do, we must not fuel hatred, anger, and negative energies. It is not a demon hunt.

Do you want to continue playing the game of 3D and duality?

We are love. Love does not judge.

To win this war, it’s up to you to increase your vibrations and frequencies.

It’s up to you to choose what you really want, for you and the world.

We are at the crossroads.

With love.
We are one.
Mitakuye oyasin

~ David Rousseau

~ April 24, 2020:

David Rousseau

Walk-In, Stellar Soul, Intuitive Artist, Author, Writer, Musician, Singer

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