Glass Roofs

Rather than campaigning publicly against a peaceful movement that will put the people on the streets in favor of TRUTH, LOVE and PEACE, it is better to take care of your own “glass roof”.

The movement that will take place on September 29th is intended to express our will to create and manifest a better world, where TRUTH, LOVE and PEACE are the RULES of co-existence among all beings, not an exception.

In a chaotic, individualistic, highly self-fulfilling world, it is honorable to realize that there are still people who care about their neighbors, who have already understood their role in the society, and who want to have their same principles to be valid for ALL without exception.

We are in our right, guaranteed by the manifestation of our FREE WILL, to express our CO-CREATIVE POWERS. The planet needs our help, and we are answering that CALL.

We are SOVEREIGN BEINGS and we do not defend any specific agenda. At the same time, we do not advocate any particular group. If your group is not included here, it is for a reason. You have to decide BY YOURSELF if you will support the Planet Earth to ASCEND. It is not a matter of supporting ourselves. It is not a matter of don’t respect your own group, your leaders or whatever that is triggering you to go against our call.

We are just a collective of people who resonate with the same ideas, vibrate at the same frequency and who want to actively contribute to creating a better world for all.

We simply got tired of waiting for outside saviors and decided to mobilize those who already understood that we are INDEED responsible for changing the world. We are here for that, to help the planet to reach higher vibrations, this is WHY we, the STAR SEEDS, decided to come to planet Earth.

We are, for sure, CO-CREATORS and we are assuming OUR RESPONSIBILITY to create OUR OWN REALITY.

If you still do not have the ability to understand your own mission, at least respect the right of expression of those who WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.

Usually, the mouth speaks of what the heart is full of. It would be wiser to do some self-reflection, or at least commit yourself to what you believe. Simply do your part in your own way. But respect the way of the others.

As the Master Jesus/Sananda said to those who wanted to throw stones to an adulterous woman:

“They that are without sin among you, let them first cast a stone at her.”

To paraphrase, if you think the world needs no more LOVE and no more PEACE and if you think that TRUTH should not be said loud and clear, go with your own life please, according to your values ​​and principles.

We are not asking anything besides this, to respect your own intuition, your own inner guidance and your own principles and values. But also, learn to respect the same values of the others, we are living in a PLURAL WORLD and this is THE BEAUTY of this planet.

Planet Earth no longer resonates in the third dimension. The frequencies are rising, we are coming into a period of instant karma, where everyone will have to face their own karma and will have to cope with their accelerated learning process.

Your reluctance to face your own responsibility and your reluctance to learn your own lessons cannot serve as a pretext for attacking those who no longer vibrate in the same frequencies as you.

Be wise, be still. Keep your torch lit.

“Come out of the masses.
Stand alone like a Lion and live your life according to your own Light.”
~ Osho

We are “almost” where we always wanted to be, at the center of our own HEART!


~ July 21, 2019 – Mass Meditation for Truth, Love and Planetary Peace on September 29, 2019:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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