7 Steps to Find Your Life Mission in the New Golden Age of Gaia

What is your mission?

When they ask you: What is your life mission? Do you have an immediate answer? Is your answer fast and with conviction, or do you not know what to say? Do you know exactly what you are doing here on this little blue planet? And do you know who you really are?

To help you answer these questions, I’ve brought you Seven Steps that, if you put into practice, will make your LIFE MISSION “jump in front of you”. Like an outdoor. And there is no doubt that this is what you need to do to accomplish your mission and find your way. We all have a mission, that is a matter of fact.

A new Galactic Society is emerging from the depths of Gaia consciousness. And we all need to adapt to this new world if we are to remain on it and enjoy all the wonders that await us. However, in this new world, there will be no more room for people with “empty lives”, centrist and materialistic ego. Anyone in the vibration of contention, competition for survival and war will be “invited to retreat.” And you will be taken to a lower-dimensional plane, that is to another planet in a lower dimension, to continue a long journey of suffering and trial. Because Gaia is the door of the 5th dimension, leaving behind the age of trials to become a regenerating planet, to be a Galactic Society. A place where only the spirits who seek light and love can exist. And this my dear is now, there is no more time to procrastinate. So you need to find a purpose in your life now and understand who you truly are, and why you are here.

The vast majority of people have no idea that when we arrive on Planet Earth, we already have a specific and defined life plan in our baggage. That will help us evolve and correct our human failings. We choose to be born here, we just don’t remember that. Because of the veil of consciousness, we were subjected to as soon as we acquired the physical body. We have forgotten all our previous lives and we believe that we are thrown here in the wind of Destiny. There is no ready destination, but a life project with a specific purpose and mission. A kind of map of where to go. And when we follow this map things get in the way and life starts to make sense. We always have a choice. This information is recorded in our subconscious, and we do not realize it. Until we have wasted most of our lives doing things we don’t like just to survive. We go through life doing a little of everything, experimenting here and there. For maybe one day we find something we really like. And life will start to be a little less empty.

But if I say that you can shorten the way. That you don’t have to spend a lifetime searching. That is a simple act of accessing a part of your mind and downloading this information. How much time would it save you? How much money? How many problems could be avoided? You could focus your time on what really matters. It would not be good?

Of course, to fully live your mission, you must first solve some things in your life. This is why I write this material to help speed up this process, something profound that will bring about real change.

So come on. Here are the things that you never told yourself that you need to work out, these 7 steps to living a true life with fullness, meaning, and purpose. After that you will definitely be someone else:

Step 1 – Forgive

It doesn’t matter how much they have hurt you, or what they did to you, nor who was the author. To be at peace and to be free to be happy, and to live life for real. You will have to forgive everyone and everything. Including yourself. Who has hurt you or grudges you are with the life locked. Start by forgiving your parents. And follow up with your family, your loving relationships. Everything left behind needs to be healed with true forgiveness. Ask your conscience if there is anything else to be forgiven, it doesn’t matter if is past lives, parallel lives. It’s time to let go of the hurt energy.

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.”
~ Robert Muller

Step 2 – No Judgement

If there is one thing that depletes your energy and harms your life is to judge others spontaneously. Stop right now, don’t talk, don’t even think. The smallest of comments can put you in a negative spiral and lower your frequency immediately. Let others be what they choose to be, and you cand be different. Teach them by example. Never comment or focus on the other’s flaws. The more energy we put into something the more it perpetuates. Always focus on the good side, even if something is very wrong apparently, it will teach you a great lesson. Think of other people as actors in a movie, in fact, we are all actors, we already played various roles in all of our past lives. Always act with compassion. It’s all about trying both sides of the coin and never judging. It’s all part of a larger plan, but the decision is always ours.

“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”
~ Spirit Science

Step 3 – Cure Emotions

If you have feelings of fear, anger, anxiety, childhood trauma or limiting beliefs in your unconscious, you will never be 100% happy. You will never feel at peace, your life will be a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs. When something good happens, you will feel good. But when the situation gets a little tight you will fall with it. You will never be free or feel true peace. If you seek a good therapist to resolve these issues, your life will change dramatically. We all need help to overcome certain things we cannot do alone. It must be admitted that no one is omnipotent and accept to be helped. Even the greatest masters who have ever passed through this world needed help at some point. Clinical Hypnosis can solve most of these problems in just one session.

Step 4 – Wellbeing

It may seem strange or even selfish to read this. But the foundation of your life’s mission is to learn to consciously cultivate a state of well-being. It is choosing what to give importance to, deciding not to suffer for anything else. This is being a master of yourself. It is being in control of your life. For the emotions we are feeling, is the point of attraction we are radiating. And on account of the law of return is what we will get back.

“For everyone, well-being is a journey. The secret is committing to that journey and taking those first steps with hope and belief in yourself.”
~ Deepak Chopra

Step 5 – Look for dreams

Do you really want to be happy? So stop what you are doing and write down all your dreams and goals and create a plan to start pursuing them immediately. The most important step is always the first one. No matter how big they are. If there is a true desire within you, there are also within you the tools to fulfill it. Dream back, you deserve more than survive. The time has come to live everything we choose to be in this world.

Step 6 – Continuous evolution

There is a universal law that says that nothing remains unchanged. Everything is in motion, everything is continually evolving. And with us, it’s not different. We need to keep moving, keep growing in every way. We must follow the flow of constant energy through LEARNING and TEACHING. This is the key to staying active, young, lucid and feeling connected to the purpose of our life. If you have nothing to learn, surely a few winters will be left.

“Keep calm and continue evolving.”

Step 7 – Helping People

There is no one in this world who is truly fulfilled without doing something good for the planet or people. It is what brings us closer to God. No one can be big on their own. Those who work only for their own sake will have an incomplete life. A feeling of emptiness will consume you every night. He will surely fall ill often and carry an aged countenance. Take every opportunity to help that will surely come, and you will see with your eyes how your problems will become tiny or even extinct. This is living with purpose.

Everything described above has a single grand purpose of reconnecting you to your spirit, your soul, your Higher Self. If you simply declare your intention to reconnect with your self and accept the light, it will show itself to you. Your mission is closely linked to your intuition. You can telepathically connect with the higher planes without any guides. The age of gurus is over. We will be the masters now. The masters of our own life. Christ Consciousness incarnated in physical bodies. We are the chosen ones, we are the NEO of the movie “Matrix”. You are more special than you think when you accept this truth.

This is the best time in history, and a new world is taking shape before us. The Planet Earth is ascending to a higher dimension and state of consciousness. And we need to enter a new mental paradigm of unity with the whole to enjoy this new world, a fairer world, without the manipulations we have been victims of for ages. The Quarantine is already being dismantled, and the Matrix is ​​collapsing. It’s our chance to have everything we always dream of. There is conscious energy coming from the galaxy’s central sun that is clearing away everything that no longer serves us. Raising everything and healing everything. So just accept this intelligent light that touches our hearts and connects us with our souls. Solving everything and guiding us to this new Christ Consciousness.

Victory of Light!

~ Article written by Dante

Editor Note: This article was written by a volunteer. If you would like to share your own ideas or articles, please contact Ukeron through ukeron.white@gmail.com or ukeron@tuta.io


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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