Is The Event Near?

The information about the possible scenarios for “The Event” is being shared even before 2012.

Some useful information about this subject:

~ The Event:

Just notice that things change through time. There is actually no rigid timeline or outcome.

We are in a dynamic system, and every thought/action from all incarnated beings are changing everything constantly.

As Star-Seeds, we must always remind ourselves that we are the Co-Creators of our own reality.

We are here to help to manifest the Best Possible Outcome for everyone. This is why is imperative to don’t allow ourselves to operate from fear, from lower frequencies.

The negative ones will always try to push their negative agenda, so the unaware ones would “help” to create this negative reality because they still think that some sort of “external force” is controlling the situation.

According to FM 144 blog:

While a part of the Cabal/Dark Ones has absolutely no clue what is going on, a certain part believes they can still escape the whole situation, while another part has already realized that the Solar Flash will arrive on the surface and wipe out all darkness once and for all.

The universe works like a clockwork, The Event will be perfectly timed.

It is important to hold the Light until the wave hits the surface, so that certain forces can’t plunge the planet into chaos before the Event.

FM 144

~ December 31, 2019 – New Year’s Eve Update:

As mentioned in the last entry, some of the Dark Ones have already realized that The Event is inevitable. But they won’t give up; they will rather go down and, out of an act of revenge, take the entire planet with them than return to the Light.

But these groups will be taken care of, at the latest when the cataclysmic events will start, triggered by the planet itself, and the last pockets of Anomaly will literally be washed away from the surface.

As a Starseed, it is important now to just stay calm, be centred and focused, observe the events, but do not let yourself be carried away by the emotions no matter what chaos should break out in the outside world.

FM 144

~ January 31, 2020 – Keep calm through the Storm:

We are here to anchor light and help to manifest the reality that would be better for everyone involved, including ourselves.

Back to the basics:

  • Remain calm;
  • Meditate as much as you can or as much as you feel guided;
  • Use the Protection Protocols (or any other tool/decree/manifestation of intention that would help you in this sense);
  • Try to always listen to your own intuition, inner guidance. Your “gut feeling” is correct in the majority of the situations;
  • Evaluate information without being affected. There are different sources of information, different narratives, different perspectives, different points of view and so on. Keeping a broad perspective and trying to get the nuances would help a lot.

The Light Forces already mentioned that yes, they have some kind of “predictive models” that they use to evaluate the scenarios/timelines, but since everything can change (because everyone is deciding on every second which reality they want to create for themselves) and timelines are dynamic, they don’t give any dates.

We are not here to be the “watchers”, we are here to be the Directors of this Great Show!

Let’s do our part and help the Collective Consciousness of Mankind to RISE!

Please also help to spread the word about the Mass Meditation for the Ascension Timeline:

~ March 12, 2020 – Ascension Timeline Mass Meditation:

~ March 23, 2020 – Mass Meditation on April 4th/5th:

Victory of the Light!

~ Surfacom


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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