IT BE – Keys of Life – Part 6 of 6

We released this book as part of the article “BE a Sovereign Being and Act Accordingly“, published on June 12, 2019:

To help you to understand better what does it means to claim your sovereignty back, to be a sovereign being and to act accordingly, we would like to share a book specially written for this occasion.

The name of this book is “IT BE – Keys of Life: On the Search for the SELF, the WE and the WHERE.”

This book was written by a mentor of Ukeron from the SURFACOM – SURFAce COMmand, in order to help him to understand his role and who he is. Now he is being guided to share it with everyone who decided to step in and claim back their own sovereignty.


This book was already translated to German and Portuguese, and you can download the translated versions in the links added to the end of this article. Please let us know if you already found this material translated to your language, or if you would like to help in the translation of this material.

We will publish now the content of this book in 6 parts. Enjoy!

“IT BE ~ Keys of Life”
by Paradise IT

For my children.

Paradise IT

10. The Grand Vision

The individual consciousness has traveled into its limiting form to support the expansion of the cosmic experience of formlessness. And this, to find from this limitation and in separation the way into the transformative experience. The conditions of life are thereby configured for the purposes of certain experiences that can be perceived in a real adventure. On Terra, this life is committed through the concept of evolution and saviorship.

This concept stimulates the substructures on Terra to support the grand vision. Participants will learn within the structure a sense of unity and belonging. A contribution within the structure triggers the feeling of being part of something greater and this generates an authentic motivation to make a contribution that goes far beyond monetary baits. Maintaining a savior and his return does raise up a sense of a higher and more complete vision. At the same time, the structure thus develops a sense of inadequacy and uncertainty. This is accelerated by manipulative and controlling mechanisms and in return, it accelerates the merging of humanity, the will to break free from the structure, it activates the sequence towards the synthesis and individual towards the transformative experience.

The structure is limited by the intelligence of cosmic consciousness that monitors as “scientists” that the structure always follows its purpose.

It is the instance that monitors the variables that determine the criteria for the location of the dominant consciousness, intervenes at violations of the structure accordingly, and evaluates alternative results in the laboratory of time and space.

The vision is the continuous expansion of the reality of cosmic consciousness and intelligence. There are many sections referencing each other on the way to completion and the present section is the experiment of transformation versus evolution. The insights gained from this section are saturated and the sober evaluation leads now to synthesizing into a concept to experience the equality to Creator. This is accompanied by the extension of cosmic consciousness, which expands more strongly through the individual consciousness into time and space universes.

Part of the grant vision is either the free will, which is, however, subject to minor limitations. The acting out of free will is the component of credibility that makes a mechanical cosmos a world of living experience. So far, this directive is the golden thread of all sections and even the structure cannot touch this acting out of the free will, because only the individual consciousness can choose its reality.

The cosmic consciousness has decided on the existence of the structure to participate in the grand experiment to transfer the existing concepts into the synthesis concept. However, the cosmic consciousness is surrendered to the will of Creator and, when the intention of Creator change, then the cosmic consciousness also changes its acting on the manifestation. And the upcoming change in the reconfiguration is just such a change in the intention of the Creator. Which section comes after the synthesis concept of the existence of equality to Creator, cannot be predicted. His infinite wisdom and creativity are beyond any predictability.

11. Simultaneous Existence

It has already been mentioned how decisions produce different courses of the time and that there are nodal points in time, which significantly influence the course of reality and how, in the paths of reality, a dominant consciousness resists in the tree of times. Here, the cosmic consciousness is the instance that weighs accordingly here.

In addition to the axes of time and, thereby, the potential to live multiple realities but only one dominant, the self is connected as a single composition within its individualized reality. However, the formless consciousness enters into many of these outposts at different locations and dimensions simultaneously and is the only interpretive center of the self. Through the isolation by the limitation, the self denied this knowledge and does not acknowledge the extensive and glorious nature of its existence. When consciousness occupies a human body, it directly becomes a dominant reality. Because of the throttling of the vibration fields in sequential experienceable time, a consciousness operates easily synchronously within a thousand human bodies. As a consequence, consciousness accelerates and balances its learning experience on a broad platform of experienced realities. That is also the reason why many have the subdued feeling of having already lived or lived again.

To remember, all is happening in the now and even a perceived dominant sequential timeline, the horizontal partners and the vertical changers, all is modulated in the only now moment that exists. The self walks along this field of now, as no one is able to reach out of the present. Thus even time jumps don’t break this, because it is nothing but a jump into another status reality of the Now. To make another timeline dominant, it must succeed better according to the principles on the infinite scale of changes. Therefore it is easy to understand that the consciousness can live pasts and futures in other forms because all happen in the same Now.

But the maximum exposure on Terra is that of the soul family relationship, which like-minded groups name each other.

Especially the concept of simultaneous existence abuts certain incomprehension on many. But it is in terms of the design of the genetic body that consciousness can be simultaneously in the universes. Reading this text, the consciousness operates simultaneously in tens or hundreds of simultaneously experienced realities back and forth within the universes, each with the perception of the self to live a dominant reality. Only consciousness is able to evaluate these realities together.

When consciousness reaches the status of independence after its birth, it operates first within one genetic body. Little by little, it adapts to multiple data streams of the different selves. As mentioned, the consciousness navigated first in a light luminous body without structure and binds over a genetic body to a dominant reality. The way of the simultaneous experiencing across multiple bodies is this way because the mind, the emotions, and the biological structure of the human body itself does not have the capacity to manage multiple parallel dominant streams. On the throttled level of time and space, the system would overload and collapse. In order to operate with the mind and the emotional feelings in a meaningful degree of clarity, many parallelized processing is outsourced to the subconscious of the body.

To reduce the whole self to a biological machine and to declare this facade as complete and the life explainable out of the measurable itself only led to mirroring this to the dominant social and political environment in which governments are only the facade, behind which corruption, control and blackmail a controlling elite can hide. It is also mentioned that it is not the responsibility of whatever kind of structure to unmask the facade of being. This responsibility is in the self, not to indiscriminately take over bought-belief systems, but rather to evaluate new knowledge and its relationships within the individual reality.

Just as the change and the presence of the creation unfold from the foundations of existence, so a parent structure, such as a government or religious organization can develop only from the individuals. When they pass the responsibility of their own existence and ongoing decision-making to the structure, it is not against free will when the structure makes decisions that are against the wellbeing of personal reality.

There is always the moment at which this issue of the responsibility will be recognizable and this recognition penetrates into the present realities on Terra. Neutrally, the boundaries of the spectrum on Terra because of their unstable nature, the cosmic location, time of origin, and the amazing genetic diversity of life are simply enormously wide apart, greater than anywhere else in the cosmos.

The fragile surface with shifting continental plates, the numerous earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, and the magnetic instability make this pearl of diversity really unattractive to establish a sustained culture. These hostile conditions have eradicated an incredible amount of species over time and still new life in a variety that is unmatched developed again or was located there.

Although numerous selves experienced many lives on Terra, currently more and more human bodies are animated through consciousness that has collected a large part of experiences on other planets everywhere in the cosmos. This is covered by the grand vision and it constituted up to now the only form of influence, which was possible in the experiment Terra.

12. The Contact

The entire cosmos is full of life. Full of divine individualized facets of cosmic consciousness in various stages of separation. All arose from the source of the cosmos and will return one day back there. And born as formless consciousness all have embarked on the experience level of the time and space universes to dive down into the worlds of time and to overcome every possible obstacle and to face any challenge to find the connection back to Creator.

And it seems as if every step towards Creator sparks his creativity and prepares a new world of experience for its children. Thus, the reconfiguration changes at the subatomic quantum level will change the perceptual field for all consciousness in all dimensions. It is a cosmic event that is unique in its extent. This affects not only life on Terra but also life everywhere else in the cosmos. But the perception after this event will not be unlike the existence in higher dimensions. The self experiences and feels always its cosmic connection, the communication is switched to telepathy and the sense of unity expands the individual, separated reality by access to the group knowledge, and direct to the cosmic intelligence.

The limitation and the resulting amnesia become thus loosened and there will be no more doubt about the existence of Creator.

There are civilizations and species that already live in this state, even in the Milky Way. Contact with these individuals is breathtaking and radiates in its grace an almost royal charisma. It is not like the illustrations in movies, which are in the struggle for survival of the structure on Terra understandable manipulative deterrent.

The event of the reconfiguration will bring an awareness of the existing secret meetings with them and enable open contact. This will be gentle and will only occur in accordance with the people that are ready for that contact.

The cosmic knowledge needs to be developed from the species itself and cannot be imposed from outside. It would not be accepted in a specific cultural context. The consciousness is gaining experience within the time and space via its human endpoints in a long period of time. It is tens of thousands of years of simultaneous experience and every moment in a dominant reality influenced effectively the consciousness. All these experiences from those times modulate at merge new genetic potentials and control the growth experience to be completed. And these new forms and extensions lead to those people who create complete individual consciousness and thus will bring the transformative experience to life.

These people overlook their experience from all forms, places, and times and integrate the sum of these experiences into the human species on Terra. It is the highlight of the history of a species and is very rarely held before the species has approached a certain measure to the cosmic truth.

It is not the truth of religion or science that humanity shares and unifies. It is also not the truth of so-called “channeled” messages. The difference is simple. An understanding of the wisdom of the outlined principles unites humanity rather than to drive them apart. But there is no unification into love or emotional closeness but a union into the special importance of their individual contribution to humanity as a species in the understanding of time and space universes.

Does science replace religion in its function and opens this wisdom? No. Some near-complete individual consciousness emerges with a balanced scientific and philosophical knowledge and presents their findings to educated humanity, which is open to the power of their views.

Even the Creator cannot pull these insights into mankind. It is addressed to the real leaders of mankind through innovative, organic education. The grand vision has opened the space that a species can achieve these findings and its identification themselves and unites within this process.

If there is only one person making it to the complete individual consciousness, it triggers a chain reaction and the next and next and next awakens. Within just one generation, then it can go up to one thousand and in the next generation, it is a million. It is likely that this is even accelerated by the web and finally all follow this portal into cosmic wisdom. For this living together will be a platform of individual species that can resist all attacks. Humanity is, despite all manipulative news and misinformation, at this vertex on a broad basis.

The usefulness of armed conflict and a dominant elite will be questioned and millions of enlightened selves provoke an upheaval of the structure from the foundation. The desire for a non-hierarchical structure is close at hand, the representation of a leader loses his sense and is no longer appropriate. Thus, the genetic mind of the species is accordingly developed to explore new fields of vibration and this is the right time for the contact.

The sense of separation has severely damaged Terra and humanity in the fight to prevent the event. To repair and cleanup is in the responsibility of humanity. It can be expected that existing, but not public available technology on Terra and technology of visitors support this cleaning. This to the extent as it makes the most sense in the particular situation.

Not every person will have the need to continue life on Terra after the event of reconfiguration. This especially when, by the break of the limitation, the primary origin of the consciousness prior to the visit and support at Terra will be known. Almost all people have had experiences in other parts of the cosmos or experience it currently in simultaneous existence. Only this experience cannot be translated for the mind on Terra. The people whose consciousness has mainly been kept in other parts of the cosmos have awareness in the depth of their being. These people will be free to return back to their families again and their support on Terra at the time of reconfiguration shall receive all the thanks.

13. A View to the Reality of Creator

Creator developed the grand vision of exploration of being able to re-define itself and to give all existences in the universe a sense. It allows all parts to contribute to wholeness and to create a new universe in a reconfiguration.

All concepts, insights, and assumptions presented above allow an idea of the reality of the Creator. From inside the cosmos, it is naturally only possible to gain a breath of an idea to spread the membrane of the boundary to the outside a little to estimate it with a blurred view of the external reality of Creator.

The motivation of the grant vision is to get a complete knowledge of the cosmos through a pretty clear but controlling and regulating system through structured extensions. And the question of the why represents the idea of the grant enigma.

The components of the cosmos are consciousness on the one hand that can perceive and modulate the vibrational fields and, on the other hand, an inexhaustible supply of preserved energies that can be transformed and manifested in dimensions within the frame by the consciousness. The completeness is given by two logically distinct types of consciousness. The cosmic consciousness and the myriads of individual instances that modulate perspectives as belief systems and form structures, which are summarized in a cosmic superstructure.

Below the level of the grant enigma, the cosmos presents two available concepts, each contributing in different ways to acquire and experience which are at saturation to merge to a new synthesized concept. This leads to changes in the structure as well as changes in the countless conscious instances. However, the energetic substance, in which everything is played out seems to remain the stable component. A new concept will in the future be designed from the synthesis concept which is able to extend the grand vision according to the intention of the Creator.

All this indicates that there is a timeless eternal observer who has brought the universe for the purpose of self-experience into life. It seems that there exists a perceptive and an active component. The outer component is represented in all dimensions, has endless intelligence, as well as an inexhaustible supply of energy. In a repetition of the interior, it seems likely that the observer is like the eternal cosmic consciousness and a universe corresponds to an individual self.

This self-referencing recursive structure drives on itself and the construction favors the assumption of perfect, unconditional love that unfolds in perfection. Outside the context of time and space, in particular, in the dimensions where linear time contributes to gain experience, it is difficult to see why a striving for wholeness is the driving force of the architecture. Therefore, the following conclusion is from this limited perspective equally difficult to understand.

The path of non-random architectures and sections of the development, which should contribute in a sense of competing for belief systems towards wholeness, fulfill two things. First, it results in a trustworthy assumption, which concepts in which course will lead to wholeness. And on the other hand, is wholeness the perfect and completed unification of all individual realities with the cosmic reality which is united as a compacted highest field of the infinitely fast swinging vibration, so of the fullest love with all during that path obtained energies of all elements. It’s the ultimate compression of all cosmic energies into one single thought of love in wholeness. And in dissolving of all dimensions into timelessness this remote extremely compressed and united moment may trigger the beginning of the unfolding of existence by the desire for expansion.

On the other hand, this question of the beginning might never be solved, because the Creator for sure is not running out of ideas on the ongoing creation of new spaces of experience. And when no end leads to the beginning, all preserve the immortality that has been obtained on this our all journey.

And the courage and bravery of Creator, to stand on the edge of the abyss in its wholeness and love and to jump into its cast into fragments extends beyond any imagination.

But it did it – and so there was!

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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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