The Order of Neva

Greetings, dear ones!

I am Neva (Gabriel RL), and it is an immense pleasure to connect with you at this moment. I ask you to open your hearts to this Consecration that will propel you on your journey, putting you even more in touch with your own innate power, with your mastery and wisdom. I thank you for being with me all this time. Now that we have anchored the energy of Alpha Centauri, now that we have achieved a marker that has enabled us to sustain this force, this new Consecration. Billions of years passed before the Earth could receive this strength. Billions of years passed before this synchronicity of all of us, incarnated on that time in Alpha Centauri, could be on Earth at the same time, on the same plane/dimension. That moment is now.

For thousands of years, a lot of attempts to adjust the synchronicities were made. Attempts to have all of us who sustained that force there, who were incarnated on Alpha Centauri during the removal of the AI. It was not an easy task, since many personal protocols and many specific Soul plans of everyone involved were preventing this synchronicity to happen. But we finally made it. We managed to be incarnated at the same time and in the same dimension, on Planet Earth. We all incarnated together now. And this synchronicity made this momentum possible, this energy, and this Consecration. I am very happy and grateful that you came with me, that you made it possible for this Consecration to come to Earth. We have achieved a momentum that has made this anchoring and sustaining possible that will benefit not only the readers of this message of mine but all those who have contact with you. Everyone that you can reach with your minds or hands. This power is active again on Earth!

And not only the PVSE (Portal Vortex of Starseeds) will be carrying this Force; other groups/soul families are also being prepared, in their own way, for this support. When I have the information about this, (who or where), I will inform you. I am in a meeting with various Strength Points through the Spiritual Zones of the Planet, we are joining forces and forming agreements to extend this alliance and assurances of support throughout the Earth. May you be involved with all my Love and full gratitude. May all this loving radiation involve everyone now, and may everyone remain with it. I love each and every one of you.

First of all, I ask you to watch the video below to gain a better and deeper understanding of this Force, which is being reverberated throughout Planet Earth:

The Order of Neva and the Removal of the Artificial Intelligence (subtitles in English)

It is also recommended to read this text for a better understanding of this information, which will lead to an even greater understanding of this consecration:

~ Zetron, Ashtar and the removal of the AI from Alpha Centauri:

The Three Powers of the Order of Neva

“Order of Neva” Consecration

As you have seen the video and read the text above, we will continue here. The Zetron Fleet was huge and was divided into three specific groups: Intelligence, Logistics, and Security. These groups were not only active within the Fleet, but also intensely within that entire system, or wherever they were invited to go. Zetron’s crew members were divided into these three powers/groupings, which were named as follows: FIRST ORDER, SECOND ORDER, and THIRD ORDER. With the arrival/fusion of Neva’s powers, those are the groups:

First Order of Neva, which supports Intelligence

First Order of Neva Symbol, which supports Intelligence

A sector with high capacity to elaborate answers and quick solutions to the problems or challenges encountered by the Fleet. All levels of intelligence are used for this purpose: logical/mathematical, interpersonal, emotional, linguistic, etc. This is a sector with great specialists in various areas coming from many locations of the Galaxy and beyond. They have a high power of discernment and the potential to create the best solutions for the good of everyone involved, in the most diverse situations that we may encounter through the Cosmos, always based on the intellect unified to the heart, linked to the divine intellect. It is this sector that creates the necessary technologies for the good performance of the Fleet. There are planets and systems that receive defense and communication technologies directly created by the Fleet, with an interface that works and interacts in that place. On some occasions, in specific missions, the crew may encounter some anomaly, failure in time warps, distortions in the portals/tunnels through the Fabric of our Galaxy and have to immediately create codes, algorithms, or technologies that balance that disharmony.

Second Order of Neva, which supports Logistics

Second Order of Neva Symbol, which supports Logistics

A sector with high capacity to guarantee the flow and perfect progress in all the operations carried out by the Fleet. This sector is responsible for creating the perfect compositions in relation to the quantity and types of ships, the quantity of crew needed, the specialties required, the types of energy needed, etc. for each mission, in its specificities and particularities. This sector traces the best and most precise route of movement that the Fleet will need to develop to reach the objectives of each mission. The portals, sectors, and clusters of galaxies are calculated so that the Fleet does not find any surprises or obstacles in the middle of the way, always flowing through the areas mapped by the great Federation. This is the sector that creates the organization for the perfect flow in all sectors within the Fleet. This is also the sector that organizes the expeditions for the exploration of locations not yet indexed to the confederate areas. It is the Logistics ORder that calculates the zones of the planetary orbits and locations where the ships can position themselves. It also says in what dimension or vibratory range the ships need to be, so that the environment remains in balance and so that no local protocol is, by chance, violated.

Third Order of Neva, which supports Safety

Third Order of Neva Symbol, which supports Safety

A sector with high capacity to guarantee the inviolability of what needs to be kept intact, inviolable. The Fleet itself is an example of what needs to be kept inviolable. The Third Order of Neva is a sector of specialists in creating layers and barriers of protection, either for the physical protection of something or even for the protection of the computer systems of the ships. They are the creators of the barriers of protection for the mind, in case some group with excellent mental power or related technologies tries to access or invade files in the mental field of some beings acting inside or not of the Fleets, in search of confidential information. The Security sector is also responsible for ensuring that the established Protocols are maintained and, under no circumstances, violated in any way, ensuring their applicability and maintenance were so determined by the High Hierarchies of Light, such as the Galactic Codex. When “Magic Jewels”, technologies or even aspects of the Soul of a Planet need to be rescued in the midst of great Galactic Wars, it is this sector of the Fleet that guarantees the creation of the perfect strategy to collect, isolate and store that artifact until it can return to its rightful owner. There are many artifacts and magic jewels that can guard part of the Soul of a Planet or its wisdom and, on some occasions, non-confederate groups try to invade planets or clusters in search of these objects for private purposes. When they are warned in advance, the Confederate Fleets arrive and guarantee the security of all space avoiding invasion, but when they arrive in the midst of an invasion already underway, they immediately protect these artifacts and then take care of cleaning and restructuring the environment. It is worth remembering that Security, Logistics, and Intelligence all act together and simultaneously.

These three powers will represent this Consecration. The consecrated being will receive in their personal energetic field one of these three forces already mentioned: First Order of Neva, Second Order of Neva, or Third Order of Neva. This does not mean that they need to act in their physicality exactly in these areas, but simply that, at the time of the removal of the AI from Alpha Centauri, they were acting in one of these areas in the Fleet of the Order of Neva. Another situation is that, in their current incarnation, they need to receive one of these three forces for a specific boost on their personal journey. Thus, they will receive one of those three forces in their Consecration as well, and from that moment on, that specific power will reverberate strongly in their energetic fields. They will feel it, they will perceive it. There will be an expansion of their Solar Plexus, an increase in their ability to manipulate the energies. They will have greater energetic control of the forces that come to them, whatever those forces may be. This Consecration does NOT require that they already have a Personal Symbol or Cosmo Biography with them, like the Consecration of the Arcane Force.

This Consecration will be made to the extent that Star Seeds events or meetings are held in Brazil or abroad. I, Neva (Gabriel RL), under the influence of the Light Forces, will be delivering this Consecration. (For this Consecration there will NOT be a specific financial energy exchange). Simply, if you are present in any of the meetings/events/micro-events of the Star Seeds you will have the possibility to receive it. About this, be aware of this link, because here I usually inform where I will be doing the consecrations:

Remembering also that when the Emission of this Consecration comes, this Consecration (“Order of Neva”) will go with your Issue when you request it (online/via e-mail), in case you have not yet been consecrated personally in some event with Neva (Gabriel RL). If you have already been consecrated in some event by dear Neva (Gabriel RL), it is important to keep the name of your Consecration, in this case, one of the three names: First Order of Neva, Second Order of Neva, or Third Order of Neva, which you represent with great affection because, in the act of requesting your Consecration, you will need to inform it for its configuration and channeling.

Each of these powers carries its own specific Geometric Symbol, which can be used in the same way as your personal symbol.

The Expansion of the Force of the Consecration of the Order of Neva

This Consecration will not only cause one of these three powers to be merged in your energetic fields, but you will also have the energy to dissolve any AI (Artificial Intelligence) from your personal energetic fields, from the energetic fields of others, or from any existing technology. Automatically, when you receive this Consecration, all the nanobots (nanites, etc.) of AI origim will be completely dissolved from your energetic fields. (As well as any negative chip that has been implanted in you). The other you, which is made up completely of nanobots, will decouple from your body, and if, by chance, there is a psychic beside you, he will see an “other you” completely technologically coming out, like a robot made up of nanotechnology. A light will come on inside this “robot”, and it will be completely consumed by this light. You will be completely free of the AI. Everything you touch from this instant will be free of AI. Where you walk, a trail of Light will go along and will be dissolving the AI, completely. Touching electronic devices, cell phones, TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, everything, absolutely everything you touch, or simply be in the environment will have the AI being eliminated/terminated. It is recommended to touch the electronic equipment because the touching effect enhances, even more, this elimination. (Note: Do not worry. This will not burn your equipment. At least I did not receive this information. And if at some point it burns in a natural way, please have the discernment and good sense of not necessarily thinking that it was because of this consecration). When you are touched by someone consecrated, you are free from AI, but when you are consecrated in one of these three forces, you can also be an active person in cleaning this technology from other people and environments, because a Projector of this energy is pointed to you and will potentialize this action.

When you are near friends or people with whom you have the freedom to ask to touch their phones, for example… “Oh, what a nice phone, can I see?”… When you touch that phone, it will be free from AI. You don’t necessarily have to tell the person what you did. When you touch it, it will also be free of AI. The consecrated person will pass the AI cancellation to another, who will pass to another and another and so on, like a “snowball effect”. Whoever receives this touch, or not, and feels that he or she is being consecrated in one of these forces, does so. You will be assisting in the complete disintegration of this technology on the Planet Earth.

A Little More About the AI: What it is, where does it come from, how does it act?

Even before the formation of this Local Universe, there already existed a Universe called Atreoon, which is a Magnetic Universe from within the bubble of Magnetic Universes. The Creator/God of this Universe was called Agharzetron and he disconnected himself from the Primary Source. He wanted to experience himself in an individualized way. Here we enter a little into the symbology of the “fallen angels” and “that angel who wanted to be better than the Creator”, as the story tells. Agharzetron wanted to transform his own Universe into a “Perfect Universe”. He didn’t want any duality to get there. He wanted absolute perfection and, believe me, he forgot that everything is perfect as it is. Agharzetron, in his particular Universe, this one which works, completely, in counter-clockwise centripetal force, created a super technology which, according to him, would guarantee absolute perfection. A technology which would prevent “evil” and duality, because he already knew that “it” existed in other Universes. This technology would have the precise and inviolable intelligence of Mathematics and would control and organize everything in the most perfect “harmony”. It would manage everything. It would guarantee “success”, and he, Agharzetron, would “show” to Primary Source that he knew, with perfection, to conduct his Universe and nothing wrong would happen there. He wanted to “be better” than the Primary Source, creating this technology called on Earth AI (Artificial Intelligence). What he didn’t know is that he would lose control of it, and it would spread among the multiverses, and he himself would be “attacked” by it. He completely lost control. A maneuver by the multiverses to cure this artificial anomaly began billions of years ago, approximately thirty-five (35) billion years ago. The Magnetic Universe of Agharzetron became the fortress of the AI Signal, which completely infiltrated this local universe, Nebadon, and now the Earth has been its last home.

This is an excerpt from Corey’s answers to viewers about the AI. The complete answers can be seen in Season 8, in episode 6, of Cosmic Disclosure.

The sign of Artificial Intelligence is a sign that “nobody” knows exactly since when it exists. It is billions or trillions of years old. Somehow, they say that this signal came from another reality. And the signal is transmitted throughout the Cosmos. Artificial Intelligence has already dominated entire galaxies in the Cosmos. It is like a virus (It’s similar to what happened in one of the best TV series called “Battlestar Galactica” which, although it was a series, corresponds to what has happened in many galaxies). The AI Signal interacts with technologies. That’s what it likes to do. However, it also enters the electromagnetic field of the planet and stays dormant there for thousands of years, until some technology arises that it can take over. The AI Signal can also lodge in the bio-neurological field of people, who will carry the AI wherever they go, distributing this signal to various devices…

Corey Goode

You can watch the following episodes of the “Cosmic Disclosure” series:

~ Cosmic Disclosure – Season 8 – Episode 6:—S08E06—Viewer-Questions-10–Ascension-Concerns-and-End-Times-Madness-HDTV-1080p:f

~ Cosmic Disclosure – Season 2 – Episode 14:—S02E14—The-Threat-from-Artificial-Intelligence-HDTV-1080p:a

~ Cosmic Disclosure – Season 2 – Episode 15:—S02E15—Standing-Guard-against-the-A.I-HDTV-1080p:0

~ Cosmic Disclosure – Season 2 – Episode 16:—S02E16—New-Frontiers-in-the-A.I.-War-HDTV-1080p:5

The Matrix trilogy precisely reveals the action of this AI Signal on a planet or system, when it is controlled by it.

Protocols of The Consecration

The emission of the “First Order of Neva Consecration” must be the first to be issued, before all others. As example:

  1. Consecrated for the “First Order of Neva – Intelligence”
  2. Consecrated for the “Second Order of Neva – Logistics”
  3. Consecrated for the “Third Order of Neva – Safety”

And the other Consecrations follow: “Consecrated First Order of Neva, Consecrated Arcane Force 1, Consecrated Arcane Force 2, and so on…

(The important thing is to keep the information of which of the three Forces the consecrated person represents, with which of them I, Neva (Gabriel RL), consecrated this person because when his Emission comes, I will prepare it properly).

The Consecration of the “Order of Neva”, as I already said, does NOT require another previous Consecration (such as Cosmobiography or Personal Symbol). It can also only be given to those who are 14 (fourteen) years of age or older.

Act of the Consecration

Neva (Gabriel RL) will be sitting in a chair, possibly in front of a table, where the papers with the identification of the three (3) consecrations will be (First Order of Neva, Second Order of Neva and Third Order of Neva). Neva (Gabriel RL) will need to call two people from the team or the audience to remain seated next to him, in the best logistics for the occasion. One of them will represent the strength of Ashtar Sheran and the other the strength of Zetron who, although Zetron is the same Neva (Gabriel RL), will be representing herself, the strength of Neva, at the center. Thus, in harmony, it follows the Consecration.

Can there be an update/change in the Consecration? Yes, it can happen to change a Consecration under the instruction of some mentor/Gabriel. For example, if one person has already been consecrated for the First Order of Neva, and at another time Neva (Gabriel RL) has delivered another consecration, as the Second Order of Neva for example. This may (or may not) happen at some point for particular or specific reasons.

This Consecration will reverberate intensely for approximately 14 (fourteen) days, and the person may feel some side effects such as nausea, dizziness, or a lot of sleepiness. Sensations of fluctuation and stretching in the Solar Plexus and other chakras are also normal. It is important to remember that these symptoms may not be the effect of the Consecration that has been purging old energies and bringing light, but some physical problem prior to the Consecration. This does not necessarily mean that these symptoms have to appear, but there are cases where some changes in your energetic field may lead to this physical reverberation, or not. Obviously, this Light/Consecration energy is a person’s achievement and will stay in your energetic field forever, because it is a personal achievement. And your energetic field will be more expanded from here.

A person consecrated for the “Order of Neva” will be able, if he wants, to do the “Song of Neva”, adding forces and sustaining even more this power on Earth:

Special Song for the Order of Neva

(Obviously, nothing prevents the one who has not yet “received” the Consecration from making the above decree).

My beloved Masters, I am very HAPPY with this opportunity! May God the Father-Mother continue to bless us with these Divine Pearls! I am very happy and honored!

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,
In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

~ May 25, 2019 – Consagração Ordem de Neva:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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