Ashtar – “The History of Creation” – Part 2

It's good to be here again. After a pause to assimilate what I gave you in the first part, we will continue with our journey back to your heritage: a bit of your history as both Earth humans and galactic beings in your many expressions. It is interesting to note the growth of your energy fields while you read our messages.

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What matters is your journey

In times of turmoil and crisis, what really matters is, stay heart-centered and listen to your own inner guidance, your own intuition. Ask to be connected to your own Spiritual Guides, your Higher Self and you will receive guidance, you will receive what you are asking for and you will know what to do or how to behave.

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The Great Awakening

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to recognize the program you’ve been blinded by and how to break free from the matrix so you can ascend easily. There’s more going on during these times than you might think and many are referring to this as “The Great Awakening”. This is because we are growing, expanding and awakening to the TRUTH! And through that, we are able to free ourselves and tap into the reality of the New Earth!

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